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10 Important Cleaning Tips That Every House Cleaning Agency Advises!

Home cleaning

Joey and Martha have brought in the furniture, and all they need to take care of now is the regular cleaning of the house. Of course, they have the option to go for a house cleaning agency, but then many like to keep the cleaning responsibility to themselves.

House Cleaning

House Cleaning

You might have noticed your grandma proof checking the work after the housekeeper has done his/her job. The love for cleaning resides in the deepest part of the cells of us Australians and believe it or not we absolutely will spend a fortune when it comes to keeping our houses neat and clean.

This 3-minute read is for the ones who think 10 times before hiring a house cleaning agency. Follow the tips below and ensure a house that’s trimmed and uncluttered 24/7.

  1. Renovate the rusty utensils in the kitchen: Utensils can get hampered as a result of over scrubbing. It’s necessary to get these re-seasoned at regular intervals.
  2. Mend the shower pressure: The shower pressure in the washroom is a highly ignored part of any household. People tend to eventually accept the fact that the shower efficiency will reduce as time passes. What you can do is unclog the showerhead by a mixture of vinegar and water taken in equal parts.
  3. Clean the exhaust fan: House cleaning services agencies will tell you how important cleaning the exhaust fan is, and how they take care while cleaning exhaust fans. To DIY, pass canned air through it while it’s on and throw all the dust out.
  4. Wash the shower curtains: Take a day out and throw all the stained or spotted bathroom curtains into the machine. It’s necessary to keep these clean and shining all the time.

    House Cleaning

    House Cleaning

  5. Give the rugs some beating: Beat and thrash the area rugs inside the home to ensure that it’s clean. The rugs are an important place where dust and germs may hide. Beating them will keep them clean, and you can use them for a couple of more days before cleaning it again.
  6. Make a cleaner that can serve numerous purposes: You can buy cleaners from the market, but these can be used just for some specific purposes and might be costly too. At home, you can easily make an all-purpose cleaner with the help of baking soda and warm water. Now wash your cabinets, kitchen counters, and appliances without any worries of destroying the look and feel of it.
  7. Make your sneakers odourless again: The odour from sneakers can be quite unpleasant to the people dwelling in or guests visiting for the weekend. You can remove the odour from the sneakers by deodorizing them or sprinkle some baking soda inside the shoes.
  8. Clean up the stuffed toys: If you have kids in your house, then you sure have stuffed toys of every size to lure them at times. These stuffed toys can be the storage spaces for dust and cleaning them at regular intervals will prevent your kids from certain diseases.
  9. Clean the hair combs and brushes: This is yet another area that people ignore cleaning. Hair Fall leads to hair getting stuck in these brushes and combs. These stay in it until you remove it. The sight of a clean comb and hairbrush is always pleasant. Clean your combs with a solution of shampoo mixed in warm water.
  10. Check for slow sinks and clean them: A sink that lets water pass out slowly can cause problems later if ignored. Clean the sinks regularly and the pipes too, to ensure that the water doesn’t come out one night when you are sound asleep!


The house cleaning guy that you will hire is going to clean every nook and corner of your house. However, these are the areas that you ignore often, despite them being the ones which can cause problems when left dirty. So, hire a house cleaning guy, but first, keep your house clean yourself.