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5 Basic Advantages of LED Lighting you should be aware of


Light is an important factor to live. Light is the property which is solely owned by the sun. After many trial and error, ancient human learnt to create light on his own by rubbing two hard particles which is nothing but the hard stone or pebbles in order to ignite fire. Fire is the only source for light at that time, people used to create fire in any means including  using oils and creating fire by using gun powders but after the science revolution, Thomas Alva Edison made an important invention in the world which is nothing but the electric bulb. Tungsten served as the core material for the bulb but later it was replaced by many metals and it was improvised in many ways. The latest incarnation of bulbs is nothing but the LED bulbs. LED lighting is very popular and known for its cost efficiency and less power consumption. LED lighting is also known for its performance and the power output.

Listed Below are Some of The Basic Advantages of Applying LED Lighting:


1. As mentioned above LED lighting is known for its less power consumption. LED Panel light system will absorb current which is comparatively less than the fluorescent and any other kind of bulbs.

2. The heat produced by the LED lighting bulbs is very less than the other round bottle bulbs.

3. Light energy produced by the LED bulbs and the light it provides is pure and will not affect any kind of colours around it.

4. LED Panel lights are very cheap considered to the CFD and other type of bulbs which are available abundantly in the market.

5. According to the research, LED light does not require any starting time or pick up time to gain momentum; it will come into the effect suddenly when it is introduced to the electricity whereas other kind of bulbs including filament bulbs and CFD bulbs will take considerably take some seconds to get activated.

Natural substances like phosphor will be used along with the filament in order to introduce different colours of light.

According to a study, LED lightings are capable of consuming low amount of electricity of up to 75% compared to the other modes of lighting including fluorescent, CFD and incandescent bulbs.

LED lighting can be imposed in any kind of areas within the house including kitchen, living room, dining room, bed rooms and the balcony. Usage of LED bulbs will change the tone of the paint used in the room and it will enrich the richness of the house when looking through it.

LED lighting system will be usually made with lenses and not with glasses. Smaller size of LED bulbs will be also used for decorative purposes. These kind of tiny bulbs are used for decorating Christmas tree and the portico of the house during an occasion or during the festival.

Maintenance for the LED lighting system is very less compared to other type of lighting systems and bulbs. HD LED bulbs are not made up of glasses and made with lenses in epoxy. It will be very safe and there won’t be any risk while moving the LED bulb from one place to the other.

Other important benefits of LED lighting systems are that these lighting systems are also employed in vehicles nowadays. Due to its less power consumption, LED lights are also used in cars and headlights of the bikes which will increase the style quotient of the respective vehicle and also with the added benefit of providing additional pure light along with the halogen bulb. Usage of LED bulbs is considered to be an ecofriendly activity which should be followed for better environment.