5 Creative Ways to Use Recycled Timber

Recycled Timber

The process by which waste wood, also called timber, is recycled and made fit to be used again for other purposes is called Timber recycling. Recycled timber is a great way to give back to nature for they are a good way to reduce deforestation and thus helping solve problems like climate change and also soil erosion. This practice of using recycled timber has been in vogue since the 1990 era and is also the eco-friendliest form of wood that can be in use. In countries such as Australia, the abundance of recycled timer available should be properly utilized. This way one can lend their hand in not only stopping issues like global warming by reducing deforestation but also reduce waste but reusing old discarded materials.

Recycled Timber

Recycled Timber

5 Creative Uses of Recycled Timber:

1. To build a house– Every house needs a strong support system and a better way to make the best use of recycled timber available to one. These old wood pieces will not only provide the house with sturdy support but also lend it an aesthetic beauty with ease. Furthermore, it needs to be said that an eco-friendly house is bound to more impressive than one that houses new green wood.

2. Clocks – There are plenty of options by which one can use recycled timber to gift themselves or their near and dear one’s do-it-yourself items like clocks. These will not only look but also give the gifts a very classy feel. Many such options can be found over the net to choose from and make the perfect gift for one’s loved ones.

3. Picnic Tables – Recycled timber can be used to build picnic tables for the house or can even be made the local children’s park. These picnic tables are bound to be one of a kind for no recycled timber is going to look the same. Thus, the pieces will be sturdy and also attractive as well. Even small custom-made picnic tables can be constructed for children that can double up as their playsets as well as their very own dining tables.

4. Wood flooring – Houses with wood flooring give the place a big boost that increases the charm factor of the residence. Be it in the game room or the living room or even one’s dance studios, the options are endless when it comes to using a recycled timer to give the place a much-needed twist and make it all more beautiful. Different designs can also be incorporated into the flooring by using a variety of recycled timber that is available for one’s use.

5. Bookshelf – Books are the cheapest portals to different worlds and what better way one can honor these portals than housing them in a bookshelf made of old recycled timber that will lend them a very old-world charm. Anyone visiting the house will not only be impressed but also mesmerized by the effect. Asymmetric designs or quirky formations can be used to make these bookshelves centerpieces for the concerned room be it the library or the living room.

Recycled Timber

Recycled Timber

Thus, it can be concluded that recycled timber is a win-win-win in every sense of the word, they are eco-friendly, cheaper than other ‘green wood’ and also give the final products a feel of sophistication & class. But one thing needs mentioning, that in order to get to the recycled timber the extraction process thus used one needs to be a bit careful and the whole act is a bit time-consuming. But with ends results as the one, they will be getting it is worth the trouble.


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