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5 Important Ways for Rodent Control

Rodents are little creatures who can put you into great troubles. Rodents are serious issues in almost all the houses. Rats and mice not only contaminate food and cause structural damage but also pose a great threat to your health.

“Gnawing” is a feature that every rodent enjoys and that also causes great damage to your properties. They can gnaw on anything and everything. For example, water pipes, air conditioner ducts, electric cables, conduits and even walls and roofs. Every year rodent causes damage to the water and fire system in several homes. Hence, rodent control is very essential for every house.

Indicators of The Existence Of Rodents At Your Home

The following are some indicators of the existence of rodents at home:

  • Droppings
  • Knocking sounds
  • Gnawing of wires and pipes
  • Damaged foods
  • Sighting

Ways of Rodent Control

#1. Block The Ways of Rodent To Enter The House:

Rats and mice find a house attractive as a house can provide them with water, food, and shelter. They always seek a chance to enter a house and as such, they target to enter any house through the crack, crevices, and other openings. They may even enter through the gaps that are created during the setting of any pipe. In such cases, the gap should be sealed by using a mesh around the pipe.

Any cracks should be cemented, and any opening should be closed in order to block all the ways through which a rat or mice can enter the house.

#2. Use of Rat/Mouse Traps:

Rat traps are the oldest and the most common technique for rodent control. A rat/mouse trap is the most widely used and cost-effective way to eliminate rats and mice from the house. Rat bait is used in a rat trap to lure the rodent. Rat bait is generally a toxic item and thus you have to be very cautious while using the poisonous rat bait and should be always kept away from children and pets. However, a rat trap can only eliminate a single or two rats at a time. Hence, rodent control by using a rat/mousetrap is a multi-step process.

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

#3. Use of Rat Poison:

Rat poison is a rodent control process and can be used with a non-toxic item such as peanut butter, cake etc. to attract rodents to eat it. Rat poison serves as an economical way to eliminate rodents.  However, as rat poison is toxic, it may harm children or pets and so every caution should be taken to keep it away from the reach of children or pets.

#4. Prevent Access to Food and Water:

Rodents take shelter in a house to find food and water for themselves. Thus, one should take special caution to prevent these attractors. You should not leave any food openly on a counter. You should store all the items in air-tight containers.

As rodents find comfortable shelters among papers and cardboards, you should avoid stuffing up of papers and cardboards. To avoid access of water to the rodent, you must check that faucets are kept off and there is no standing water in the washroom.

#5. Call for Pest control Professionals:

The most effective way is to consult an expert pest control agency. A technician will visit your house and suggests you the most effective methods to eliminate rodents from the house. They generally use a multistep process which is the combination of all the techniques to make your house a welcoming place again.

Some Prevention Tips

You may prevent entrance of rodents into your house by sealing the bottoms of the doors, blocking all the cracks and openings and by disposing of garbage regularly.

Rodent Control is also used as a method of home improvement. As rodents are a great threat to the peace of many people, this issue should be properly handled and professionals should be called to allow complete elimination of rodents from the house.