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9 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2019

With time, the kitchen cabinets have transitioned from simple storage holes to functional compartments. The latest trends in kitchen cabinets are witnessing a change that is both aesthetic in design and functional in character. The transformation caters to size, shape, color palette, material, and fixture. Featuring simple details, drawers that are wide and deep, improvised storage solutions as pullout shelves, few fixtures and rust wood material, the top trends for kitchen cabinets do not settle for a compromise in any way.

  1. Material

The basic requirement for kitchen cabinet has not changed much with sturdiness and durability as the principal features. The materials that exhibit these features remain solid wood, medium density fiberboard, thermo structured surfaces, and wood veneer. However, the vogue material for kitchen cabinet for 2019 is decorative laminate veneer and high gloss coated material. Rta cabinets can be custom made according to the available room in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Color palette

Dark colors will dominate the kitchens color palette in 2019. Caviar black, spicy red, sweet orange and rich purple shades promise to steal the show. For the ones who prefer classical touch, warm cappuccino, camel brown, swan white, deep teal, burgundy red and gray are other alternatives. Green and blue in darker hues are also the color-of-the-day.

Two-toned cabinets in complementary colors are becoming the latest fad because of the versatility they offer. Paint the cabinets with gloss to deliver a glamorous look that highlights accent walls, backsplash motifs, and other accessories.

  1. Dimensions

The dimensions of kitchen cabinets enjoy liberation from bulky designs. That is why more sleek, clean and straight lines take over the cabinets’ dimensions. The minimalist approach favors the latest designs in cabinets with the introduction of wooden ledges and glass shelves. The kitchen cabinets in 2019 leave no space idle being highly functional. Rta kitchen cabinets make use of every nook and corner with their unique design that would ‘fit anywhere’.

  1. Framework

Kitchen of 2019 would see more frameworks of copper rods integrated with clear glass shelves. Following the minimalist approach, such frameworks are accommodated over the sink or in the window. Alternatively, such storage solutions may occupy one of the dominant walls and lodge pots, pans and other utensils.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Fixtures

Following the bold vibes of a 2019 kitchen, the kitchen cabinet fixtures comprise of brass, copper, gold or silver. They complement with both the lighter and darker shades of the cabinets bringing a classy look to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, handleless cabinets with magnetic closures fit the simple unfussy function. Long indents that run along the base of the cabinet door give an impression of no handles at all. Some modern designs incorporate cutout holes in different shapes in the cabinet doors. For a more chic look, swap the handles with leather rings or strips.

  1. Mini pantry and drawers

2019 kitchens put up with mini pantries in all shapes and sizes. Inserts, pullout and rollout cabinets that make use of even the tiniest of space in the kitchen accommodate spice bottles, tinned food, and other non-perishable items. Pullout cabinet for the trash can and pullout-cutting boards are must-haves for a functional kitchen. From toe-kick drawers to vertical cabinet inserts, there are infinite options to choose from.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Open cabinets

Open cabinets and shelves deliver a feeling of openness and let you use the airspace for better navigation around the kitchen. They deliver an aesthetic function with a display of your favorite china and kitchen décor pieces, the only touch of shabby chic in a modern kitchen of 2019.

  1. Matte finish

Another trend for the kitchen designs in 2019 can afford natural tones with a semi-rustic and industrial touch. Forgo the gloss and go all matte.

  1. Mix and match

Instead of an absolute match, another trend of the kitchen design in 2019 works around coordinating. Mix and match different kitchen styles, a touch of shabby chic to modern contemporary, rustic and industrial with cottage style. It caters to human versatility in mood and disposition.