A Great Investment in Dressing Wardrobes That Looks Preety

A dressing room is a place where you can pamper yourself and plan your outfits. More and more people are transforming their unused bedrooms into a beautiful and luxurious dressing room. A separate dressing room not only enables you to keep your bedroom clean but also creates extra bedroom space by allowing you to store your clothes in your dressing wardrobes. Your clothes will last longer and look better when stored properly.

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Primarily, dressing rooms are meant to provide storage. Therefore, you must plan your dressing room having a series of fitted or freestanding wardrobes or cabinets and shelves. All when opened gives you an amazing overview of your assembled accessories and dresses.  You can use neutral colors and various shade along with white to get an elegant backdrop. On the other hand, you can also use bold colors to give a touch of fantasy.

4 things to consider before buying dressing wardrobes are as follows:

1. The material:

For the wardrobe walls and shelves of your dressing room, consider plywood of commercial-grade which is made up of wood from the neem tree. Neem helps in keeping termites away.  Blackboards made up of pinewood are preferable for the wardrobe shutters because blackboards don’t bend, unlike plywood.  Decorative laminates can be used for the interior of your wardrobe. For cabinet doors, you can prefer fiberboard of average density or engineered timber as they are popular for their strength and for creating flawless edges.

2. Design:

Fitted wardrobes are expensive as compared to freestanding wardrobes since they can be fully customized according to your space and increases about 30% of your storage thereby leaving more floor space unoccupied. Also, if well maintained, fitted wardrobes can increase the value of your home. When you are choosing wardrobes for your dressing room, try out various types and styles. Drawers are more costly than hanging spaces or shelves. If you want to stick to your budget, use storage boxes and shelves instead of drawers. In addition to this, buy a carcass for your dressing wardrobe and cover it with doors, soft close hinges and handles. Once you shortlisted your favorite designs and styles, try imagining how you would like to store clothes in your wardrobe. Two-door wardrobes might not be appropriate if you choose to keep your clothes hanging.

3. Multifunctional wardrobe:

Buying a multi-functional wardrobe means that you can utilize every space of your dressing room. Use an ottoman as a seat, buy wardrobes having mirrors in from and drawer’s underneath. Also, you can buy multi-functional and compact furniture for your dressing room to utilize the unoccupied spaces.

4. Doors:

For limited spaces, buy wardrobes having sliding doors as they won’t consume your room space when you open them. If you can find a wardrobe having a mirror fitted on the door, it’s even better. These space-saving techniques not only make optimum use of your small spaces but also make your dressing room appear beautiful aesthetically.

You can give lots of creative touch to your dressing room to make it interesting. Angled shelving for keeping shoes, backlighting, full-length mirror, dressing table, cubby holes for purses can be tried.  If your dressing room is smaller in size, make use of luxurious decor like gilt furniture, patterned walls, printed attractive fabrics, high-quality carpeting.

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A country-style dressing room tends to have walls having crimson tones with wooden carpets. Minimalistic dressing rooms, on the other hand, are functional and simple, aimed at maximizing your room space. The classic dressing rooms have dark woods for shelves and wardrobes glen waverley and shades of blue, brown or grey for walls to create a timeless and soothing feel. It’s a versatile style, the most luxurious of all and suits a wide variety of properties.