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Affordable Bathroom Renovation Tips for You

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of the house. It helps in increasing the value of the house. Who would like to invest in a house with bad bathroom, right? Even if you don’t have an idea of selling, renovating the bathroom will always give you a good and peaceful feeling. If you are someone who is planning for bathroom renovation, then here are some affordable tips that you can follow. These tips will help you in renovating the bathroom without burning a hole in your pocket.

Pocket-friendly tips for bathroom renovations:

Look-a-like products will do the job

There is no need for you to spend a huge amount of money on the products when you can get their look-a-like. First of all, try to refurbish and repair the already existing products in your house, and if it isn’t possible, then you can always go for the inexpensive alternatives. For example, you can use luxury vinyl flooring instead of real wood plank one, both will seem the same, and you don’t even have to worry about slippery texture, etc. There are faux stone options that will fit perfectly as your countertop option too. They will mimic the look of the regular marble or travertine.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Refinish your Bath Tub

Bathtubs are prone to wear and tear. If you find gouges, peeling off the paint, then you can refinish it with painting it again rather than replacing it. A bathtub usually costs a huge amount and if you want to get the work done in the budget, then refinishing it is the best option you have rather than replacing it. If the problem is cosmetic, then you can refurbish it to get the new look. If there are any issues with drain, etc. then get in professional help. They will sort the things out for you.

Get New Hardware for the Cabinets

It is a costly affair to replace your cabinets. Instead, you can go with the replacement of your hardware. If you are facing with jammed cabinet or any other issue, just get the required hardware that matches with the holes and use it. This is a very simple thing that you can do to get the new look to your cabinet. The funky and cool hardware products are available in the market. Just go for them.

Install Sink Faucet

The countertops are costly, so if you want to give your bathroom a new look, then you can replace the sink faucet instead of the countertop. This can be done by yourself, and it won’t even cost you a lot of amounts either. This is a cost-effective idea that you can implement without any hassle.

Add more lights

Lighting can work like magic. If you are looking for the easiest way for bathroom renovation, then you can add some bright lights to your bathroom. LEDs edging the cabinets are a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal.

Accessorize the bathroom

Adding the simplest of things to your bathroom can enhance its curb appeal. You can add a small plant or flashy hardware that will give it a completely new look. Besides, a clean bathroom always looks good. Don’t miss to add freshener to the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Go Green While Upgrading

If you are planning on upgrading the things in your bathroom, then the best way to do it is by investing in the go-green products. The low water flow toilets, showerheads, sinks are a great way to save a huge amount in the future. There are so many stores that sell the used go-green bathroom products. They are available everywhere, so investing in the second-hand products will save you money, and go-green products are a long term investment.


These are some of the ideas that can help you in bathroom renovation without burning a hole in your pocket.