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Aluminium sliding door

Aluminium is one of the best metal options for a door for some good reasons. Aluminium doors are popular, and when it’s about sliding doors, the aluminium sliding doors are extensively getting popular these days. Before finding out where you can make the best use of aluminium made doors, it’s important to check why this metal is preferred for doors.

What is so special with aluminium?

Aluminium sliding door.

Unlike steel, aluminium would not lose its lustre or natural white colour over time. Steel doors need maintenance, because Steel gets a coating of whitish or reddish colour with time as it gets exposed to chemicals in air and water. If not rubbed with a polishing liquid periodically, you cannot maintain the shine of a steel utility which is exposed to weather. But aluminium does not get a tint or coating like that, which interferes prominently and noticeably with its natural white colour. There are other advantages of alumina over steel or brass etc, which are as follows:

  • Aluminium is strong, and it may change shape due to a big impact, but won’t break like a fragile thing.
  • The chemical tolerance level of aluminium is high, which makes it a preferred material for doors where the door can be subjected to weather exposure. The metal part won’t look worn off or discoloured even after years.
  • The white colour of aluminium has a nice appeal of its own. The metal looks good when the whole door is of aluminium, and also when the door siding in a glass door is of aluminium.
  • It is light weight. Therefore, you can open, manipulate and slide the door easily. Other metals are heavier than it is making the door handling demand more pressure exertion from you.
  • Aluminium is priced reasonably and won’t cost you too high.
  • Longevity of aluminium doors is high.
  • The frame made of aluminium is sleek.

It’s for all these reasons that aluminium is a much-preferred material for sliding doors which gets really easy to manage and light weight while staying strong.

Where do you use aluminium doors the most?

Aluminium sliding door

ANormally, they are not considered for main entrances unless you plan to make it an all glass big slider. If you plan so, the aluminium glass sliding doors can be a great option. Otherwise, they are used in windows and side doors, and in shop fronts, patios, and outhouse structures. As after glass fitting, aluminium doors look very appealing hence they are popular in showrooms and offices and shops etc, where they want to keep a simple slider door with total transparency of view at front.

Rooms in an office can also have aluminium sliding doors to create partitions which would allow lots of light and view exchange as desired. Again, sliding doors are good for making a place airtight, and thus, these doors are good for air-conditioned rooms and spaces.

You can get aluminium sliding doors in your garden in the green house, and may also use it at hotel properties at outhouse places, poolside rooms etc. Beach side hotels can always make use of smart aluminium sliding doors which would not be affected with the salty beach wind and not get corroded or discoloured noticeably. The beach view would be uninterrupted from the room, and door would keep the space stylized.

Where to get aluminium doors

You can buy aluminium doors from any good seller or contractor who would take the responsibility to fit the door at your premises. You may get the sliding doors from a seller and then appoint a handyman to install them. Before you buy, you must check that the metal doors pass the business standards, and the seller is giving them with warranty.