Home Interior

An easy way to add character to the Interior Design of your Home

Home Interior
A lot of people are of the notion that we have to decorate home when any guest is about to come or any festival is just about to begin. But if you want, you can decorate your home every day. If you really interested to change your home interior and give it a new look then you have to be prepared and plan before you get started.
Pre-Plan before decorating : As we know that in order to do perfect work, it’s very important to make a plan. To decorate a room is also a big task. First, you think that how much time you have and what is your budget. If your budget is high then there are so many things in the market, which you can use for decorating a room. You can buy new furniture instead of old furniture. But if you have limited money, its not really a big problem. You can decorate your home by making small changes in the setup of accessories.
Now you have to decide the theme. A fixed theme helps to decide the furniture, color combinations, carpet style, curtain etc. You can also take ideas from the internet. You can select a floral theme rug, traditional them, Geometrical themes etc.
After this, you have to clean your home by collecting all unnecessary things at one place. 
Now start your room decoration by using existing accessories like furniture, carpet etc. You can repair it and also can modify in a new style. Like, paint your bedroom in a solid color. Add some extra pillow to your room etc.
Decorating your walls: Now when you have finalized the theme and colors then you can start decorating your wall. You can paint your wall with some new coat of paint. This also depends on your choice that which color you would like to add to your home. According to my opinion- the combination of green and cream color, orange, and natural color, pink with green color and blue color for the wall with cream color curtain looks fabulous. You can decorate your wall by adding butterfly stickers in a heart shape or in moon shape. Making a collage of your photos and hanging on the wall is also the best option. If you don’t want to paint all walls in the same color then you can also paint three walls white or off-white, and the fourth wall a darker, contrasting color. Place all your furniture and accessories against this wall. Use beautiful wallpapers like in floral pattern behind your bed and make your bedroom like a garden.
Add Some pillows and rugs for decorating your home: Pillows always give a luxurious feeling.  So, add some extra pillows on your bed. Place larger pillows towards the back and smaller pillows towards the front.
Carpets are also the best solution for decorating your floor area as well as for wall hanging. You can select traditional handmade carpet if your theme is traditional. Traditional handmade carpets are available in a variety of colors and designs. So you can easily find the same according to your home interior theme.