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Best Tips & Treatments For Silverfish

Silverfish also known as fish moths prefer dark and damp environments such as basement and crawl spaces, they feast on paper-like materials. Your books, upholstery, grains, as well as clothing,  are in danger when you have a silverfish infestation. Anyone can transport fish moths to the house especially bringing books without inspection.

Furthermore, your home is susceptible to silverfish and other pests if you have spaces around doors, torn screens or foundation cracks, also, when you pile up dirty dishes. Most people notice silverfish when they see one in the sink or bath or even on the floor. Silverfish infestation can easily be detected by their pepper-like feces and feeding damage.

The importance of silverfish extermination

Silverfish destroys properties as well as triggering allergies in some people, although unlike some other pests, it does not transmit diseases. However, it attracts other pests like carpet beetles to your home.

Below are tips to eliminate fish moths from your home and yard naturally

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is highly effective when it comes to exterminating pesky pests including silverfish from home. Sprinkle a layer of the natural power on high-traffic pests areas such as cupboards, cabinets, and bookshelves. Also spray on dark, moist areas, where pests can hide. However, ensure your young ones or pests cannot access these places.

Do not hoard papers

Throw away paper materials that you are no longer in need of, preferably put them in the recycle bin. Papers may not be the only food source of silverfish, but it will discourage them from infesting your home.


As earlier stated, silverfish thrive in a high-level humidity area, so use a dehumidifier to dry of any dam, humid areas of your home.


Cracks and crevices are entry points of many pests to your home. Use caulk to block crevices and cracks to prevent the tiniest pest including silverfish from entering your home.

Boric acid and flour paste

Make a sticky paste with boric acid, water and flour, place the past on high-traffic silverfish areas, but keep out of reach of children and pets.

Hire a professional exterminator

Hiring a professional pest exterminator will enable you to get rid of ALL fish moths instead of some. Besides, imploring traps and insecticides will eliminate individual silverfish, and you may end up treating the same infestation over and over again without attaining the desired result. Go-Forth Pest Control guarantees 100% pest-free zone after treatment. Contact us now for more information on how to get your home and business sites pest-free.