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Choose Your Residential Contractor with Care


Finding a residential contractor can be an overwhelming and nerve-racking task. How do you know if you are hiring the correct person for the job? What questions do you ask to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate contractor, and not a scam artist who will take your money and run, leaving your property a mess?

Most contractors are legitimate, reliable, and skilled experts who produce high-quality work and coordinate projects efficiently to complete each step on time and within budget. However, like any industry, home contracting has its share of bad seeds — and it is up to you, the homeowner, to identify them before you sign off on the renovation rather than after the fact, when it’s too late.

The accompanying infographic, Red Flags Before Hiring a Home Contractor, should be mandatory reading for anyone thinking about a renovation or remodeling project. The infographic tells you what to look for when interviewing a contractor, and describes the warning signs that the person with whom you’re speaking is not the one to hire. A 10-minute time-out to review this information could save you thousands of dollars and prevent stress and anger.

Graphic created by CraftJack.