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Choosing The Right Colour For The Pavers

Walkways, driveways, and patio need to be built in such a way that it can bear the pressure and effects of weather. Pavers are used for this purpose of different materials like concrete, brick, etc. Colouring has its own impact on the entire look, as it is a great decorating too. You can find different kinds of coloured pavers to choose from for the place. Selection of paver colour is a crucial decision, which has to be taken after considering the fact that it matches the colour of the building.  

Some popular colour trend for the pavers

Light colours reflect light and allows the outer space look open, natural, and lighter as compared to darker shades, which makes the place small and darker as it absorbs light. It is wise to choose neutral and light shade for coloured pavers. Some popular colour trend these days: 

  • Multicolour : Here more than one colour is used to create a block of pattern or design. It is possible to mix two or three, or even more colours together. Colour of specific ratio or varying amount can be present in one block. The advantages of the multicoloured pavers are that it merges well with the surrounding and small stains remain hidden.
  • Monochrome/ monotone: In this type of paver, block of single and uniform colour is used. It looks elegant if right colour is selected that is a contrast to the surrounding. You can choose colour like red, gray, or charcoal. One disadvantage is that any small oil stain or tire mark is visible with naked eyes.
  • Textured : You can use different texture for the pavers that go well with the entire surrounding. It feels great too when such different textures are used. Select the smooth texture or roughed ones as per requirement. You can choose the different pattern of the blocks too for this purpose.
  • Classic design : The most popular design is the mixture of both multicolour as well as monotone blocks. Usually, the monotone block is surrounded by different coloured pieces to create a beautiful pattern. This hides the stain and at the same time looks beautiful. 

Things to consider while choosing the colour

  • You can choose the coloured pavers that meet your interest or mood. Select the colour that makes you happy and looks good for the paver. Every colour reflects the nature and state of mind of a person. Using that specific colour on the outside of the house can present the kind of person you are.
  • You can choose the colour paver for the walkway, driveway, and patio that matches the colour of the roof. This is a way to tie the whole house together. It is not necessary to match the colour exactly but just the hue.
  • You have to choose the colour of the paver depending upon the amount of sunlight the patio, walkway, or driveway gets. Colour changes with the amount of light it receives from the sun or landscape lights it gets. Light colour pavers are great for dark places, as it makes the area look bright.
  • Everyone follows the basic rule means match the colour that suits the home and its surrounding. Natural or neutral tones for the colour pavers help create a feel of soothing outdoors.
  • You can decide whether you want monotone or multicolour blocks for pavers. You can mix the both to create patterns. Mix and match different colour tiles to create a rustic look for the house.
  • You can choose the colour pavers for patio or walkway and driveway that complement the landscape. If you have a beautiful garden then with a proper shade of the paver it looks even better.