A DIY Decorating Project You & The Kids Can Do for Their Bedroom

There are few things as memorable as the little things you do with your kids. Yes, they will always remember the fun trips to Disney World and the amazing beach vacations you take each summer, but it’s all those little things you do in between they take with them into adulthood. It’s Friday night movie night they look forward to all week with popcorn and hot chocolate. It’s jumping on the trampoline with you on a summer night knowing there’s no bedtime and no school the next day. It’s the little things they remember most, which is why a fun DIY decorating project for their room is the perfect activity for you to try with your little ones. It’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s something they can take with them when they’re adults.

DIY Framed Art

If your kids love artwork as much as other kids, you probably have a file folder filled with paintings, drawings, and beautiful colorings your kids have created. They love their art and you cannot bear to throw it away, but what can you do with it? There is only so much space on the fridge for all of it, so why not turn it into artwork for their bedroom?

Let them collect all their favorite art from the many pieces they’ve created for you over the years. Take the time to measure each one so you know what size frames to pick up. You can pick up frames online, in the store, or even pick up frames at a local hobby store and make them at home. Whatever you and the kids want to do is fine. Now that you have frames, place the correct size art in each one.

Now you hang them in the kids’ rooms. Once each piece is carefully placed in a frame, take a piece of tape and cut it to fit precisely between each hole on the back of each frame. Once it’s done, take that tape and put it on the wall where you want each picture to be. The end of the tape is where each nail goes so they’re perfectly spaced and ready to hang in just a few moments. Let your kids choose where in their rooms they want to hang their art, and then bask in the new décor.

A Chalkboard Wall

One of the most fun things you and the kids can do together is create a chalkboard wall in their rooms. You can do this in so many ways. You can place chair rail up in the playroom and paint everything under the rail with chalkboard paint and let them go crazy on the walls. You can find a large frame and paint it with chalk paint and hang it up. You can even find a few old mirrors, hang them on the wall securely, and paint them with chalk.

This is your personal decision because each one works beautifully if you’re in the market to create artwork your kids will love. They can help you choose the base, paint the item, and then place it on the wall. Now find cute hanging pots at your local store and put them on the walls around the chalk to keep your chalk, erasers, and other fun items to use on the wall. It’s a great addition to a playroom, a teen’s desk area, or even a small wall in a child’s bedroom.

DIY Lego Wall

This one was inspired by going to a Lego event with my kid and we both had a great time. Do you have dozens of those flat green Lego pieces? If you have kids who love Legos, you do. It’s time to take them and turn them into something so much more fun than just another green Lego base. You need a large piece of plywood for this.

You’ll take the plywood and cut it to size, and then you’ll use heavy duty wood glue to glue the back of each green piece onto the plywood. Line them up precisely so they end up looking like one giant green Lego base. The next thing you do is affix your Lego board to the wall and let the kids have a blast.

If you want to give the kids something creative to do, let them first spray paint each green piece to make it a little more exciting. There is no rule that states they must remain green forever or they won’t be Legos anymore. Your kids are going to love this project because they get to turn something fun into something more fun. Just be prepared for a little peace and quiet with this is on the wall because the kids will not want to leave their room and their new Lego creations.

DIY projects are fun for the entire family. You can, of course, come up with a more advanced and mature concept of a DIY for your older kids and teens if your little ones aren’t so little anymore. Teens might enjoy shopping at yard sales to find vintage dressers, desks, nightstands, and mirrors to bring home and paint or distress. They can find beautiful old knobs to use on their dresser to make it more fun and personal, and there is no limit to how creative you and your kids can be. That’s what makes DIY projects so much fun.

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