Few Important Details that you need to know about Scaffolds

Scaffold Hire

If you are wondering what a scaffold is, in that case, it is nothing but a temporary structure which is being erected for the purpose of supporting different types of working platforms. The use of scaffold is quite common when it comes to construction works and it ensures that the workers get a stable and safe platform to work on when they cannot work on the finished floor or at the ground level. This is another term which is associated with a scaffold, which is scaffolding. Scaffolding is nothing but the process where the individual components like couplers, tubes, frames and other materials are assembled to form a scaffold.

Scaffold Hire

Scaffold Hire

Types of Scaffolds that you can Use for A New Building Construction:

Primarily, there are Different types of Scaffolds that are Used. Here they are

  • Fixed Scaffolds: When it comes to the fixed scaffolds, they are usually constructed by the side of a building and they can either be putlog or independent. The independent ones have uprights or standards on either side of the working platform. This ensures that the independent scaffold remains in an upright position without taking any support from the structure or building which is under repair or construction. They have flattened ends which are placed in between the brickwork courses in the building for the purpose of adding support. The main reason for using putlogs is to provide support to the working platforms.
  • Mobile Scaffolds: These are free-standing scaffolds which stand independently and are mounted on wheels or casters which can swivel and allows the scaffold to move easily from one place to another.
  • Swing Gate or Suspended Scaffold: A swing gate or suspended scaffold comes with a platform which can be lowered or raised. These scaffolds are used quite commonly for the purpose of washing the exterior of the windows in high rise buildings. You can go for non-rigid suspended means with the help of a rope, and the two-point suspended scaffolds are by far the best means of using the best means of security while erecting a building.
  • Hanging Bracket Scaffold: These types of scaffolds come with horizontal structures which are supported by the building floors or other structures that are under repair or construction. As far as these types of scaffolds are concerned, the designing part needs to be taken care of by an engineer after taking into consideration various important aspects like safety measures and different types of load testing. The hanging brackets ensure the finest safety possible when it comes to creating a new construction.

Determine the Scope of the Project Before You Go for Scaffold Hire:

Before you purchase or go for scaffold hire, it is very important to make sure that the scope of the project is being determined, which include many important aspects like your budget, situation, requirements and etc. It is also very important for you to figure out the functions and the role that the scaffold needs to play. What kind of project are you working on? Is it a single-story building or does it have multiple levels? The design of the building and other structures should also be taken into consideration. How long would you require the scaffolding? What is your budget? Once all these questions are answered, then you would be able to figure out whether purchasing or scaffold hire would be the best option for you. Go for the earliest estimates possible and talk to scaffolding professionals before you make the final deal.

Working on scaffolds can be quite risky, therefore you need to take the security aspect into consideration before purchasing or going for scaffold hire.