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How to Choose a Team for your Heating and Cooling Services

When it comes to choosing a team, you can rely on for your heating and cooling (or HVAC) services, it’s worth doing your research. Having an inexperienced team attend to your property could result in a dodgy installation, while a dishonest company may end up overcharging you. To ensure you get the best service at a fair price, read through the following tips on choosing the right team for your heating and cooling services.

Tips on choosing the right team for your heating and cooling services

#1. Go for a company as opposed to contractors
There is a range of advantages to choosing a company that specialises in heating and cooling services as opposed to contractors you may find on online listing boards. Of course, there are plenty of reputable, highly-skilled contractors out there, but opting for a company still comes with its advantages. First of all, you will be able to verify the company’s reputation by reading through online reviews, while it may be harder to do this for a contractor. When you choose a reputable company, you can also be sure that they will continue to be in business for years to come, therefore being there to assist you with any repairs and uphold the warranty of their service. With individual contractors, you can’t always be sure that they will continue to operate. Finally, if anything were to go wrong, it is easier to hold a company accountable than chase up individual contractors.

#2.Don’t always go for the lowest price

Unfortunately, when it comes to manual labour jobs around the home, you often get what you pay for. This means that going for the cheapest option may end up costing you in other ways, such as repairs later down the track, poor performance or even having to replace the entire unit sooner than you should have to. Instead, a company that charges more realistic prices will have the funds to hire the best HVAC technic quality equipment to work with.

#3. Look at their track record
One in five HVAC businesses closes every year, which is not only unfortunate for the business-owners but also concerning for potential customers. When investing in a heating and cooling system, you want to know that the company will be able to assist you for years to come and that your warranty will remain intact.Therefore, choose a company that has been in the industry for years, and is going from strength to strength. Also, note that the number of years a company has been in business is not the same as the years of experience they may advertise they have. A team of three people who have all had five years’ experience can easily say that cumulatively, they have 15 years of experience, while the business itself may have only been in operation for a few years.

#4. Don’t fall for deals
We all love a good sale, but look out for companies that advertise extremely low service calls or provide free service calls for repairs. What this really means is that they will make up for the cost of the free offer with a high repair cost, which you will only find out about at the end of the service. Instead, opt for companies that provide reasonable fees upfront, and will stick to the quoted figure. Beware of any company that will only give vague estimates or even refuse to provide a quote altogether.

#5. Check for licensing and insurance
When it comes to entrusting someone to work on your home, you need to be sure that they have the appropriate qualifications. Check that your chosen HVAC team have insurance and will be able to cover any damage incurred during work on your property. For an idea of the appropriate qualifications needed in the HVAC industry, read through these guidelines.

#6. Complete knowledge
Your HVAC installer should have the know-how to do more than just install units. The company should assist you with choosing the right heating or cooling system for your needs, recommend specific products that fit within your budget, install the unit and provide ongoing maintenance and repairs as needed. By choosing a one-stop service specialist, you’ll ensure that all required work is handled without a fuss and that you don’t have to run around comparing different prices for different jobs.

A heating or cooling system is an investment for your home or business, and one that should last a significant period of time. To ensure a smooth installation and ongoing high performance, all at a fair price, follow the steps above and you’ll be sure to find a heating and cooling specialist you can trust.