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How to do Laundry Like an Expert? Hacks and Tips

The electric rate of each stack of laundry depends on the cycle, toting up to hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. Washing and drying laundry uses electricity more than yourimagination. Not only are you operating the machines, but most of the times you are also using warm or hot water, which is usually heated using electricity. There are some simple changes to the way you do laundry which can add up to significant savings over time. Following are some simple tips that can aidyou to save electricity and money on laundry day:

1-Try to full the loads:

Fill your machine with loadin order tomaximize the efficiency of your machine. But, be cautious not to overload the machine, because it then makes it harder to get clothes clean.

2-Prefer normal water:

Most of the energy consumed in washing machines is when we heat water. Use cold water wash cycles with compatible detergent and you can save much energy per load.

3-Reset the water heater settings:

Change your water heater to 120 degrees and you could save a large amount of energy per year suitable for all your water heating needs, not just on wash day.

4- Clean the filter:

A blocked filter can severely reduce a dryer’s efficiency. It has been estimated that if you clean the filter with every load you can save much energy per year.

5-Use the energy-saving settings for both washer and dryer:

A more rapid spin in the washer will reduce the timings that clothes require to dry out. In the dryer, use a cycle that comprises a cool-down period. In the last few minutes of cycle, cool air which is not heated is blown through the clothes, finishing the drying process with less electricity and saving you the money.

6- Don’t over dry clothes:

Dry pile of similar fabrics together so the whole pile dries as the cycle ends. A dryer working on an extra round of 15 minutes to dry that one bulky towel with some lightweight clothes can waste more electricity per year. Also the over drying process causes extra wear and tear on your clothing.

7- Try to do at least two rounds:

Try to dry two or more rounds of clothes in a row to take benefit of the maintained heat in the dryer.

8-Use a drying rack:

Drying clothes outside on a rope or indoors on a drying stand saves you from yourextra load. Also the clothes dried outside on a rope has less danger of wear and tear and will be wrinkles free requiring less ironing, which ultimately result in more savings.

9-Try to skip wash:

Try to use items more than once before putting them into the laundry basket. Some clothes like Jeans, sweaters and towels can often skip a wash. By doing this you will be cutting down on the overall load of laundry.

10. Buy competent machines, when replacing with old:

Look for high-efficiency washing machines when it is time to replace your machine. New models of washing machines cut related energy costs by about one third and water costs by more than half. Replacing of an old washer with a new model can save up your per year utility bills.
Dryer is the second-biggest electricity consuming electrical device after the refrigerator. So that is why when you are shopping for a new dryer, look for its energy-saving functions that automatically shuts off the dryer when your clothes are dried.


Do not use strong soap:
-It hardens and reduces the size of woolen clothes.
-It turns white silk clothes into yellow color.
-It fades the color of colored materials.
Avoid over rubbing:
-Over rubbing wear and tear all fabrics.
-It gives silk a rough, uneven and wavy look.
-It damages the color.
Exposure to sunlight:
-Excess exposure to sunlight affects clothes washed with bleach.
-Sudden changes in temperature have bad affect in texture of clothes.
 -Anything hotter than lukewarm damages silk and may change color of the fabric.
Use a medium hot iron. Silks and woolen clothes should be covered with a moist cheesecloth and pressed on the right side with a hotter iron.
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