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How to Select the Best Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial Cleaning

It is the headache of every business owner to keep his or her office hygienic. Several commercial cleaning companies are now operating in industrial areas, which offer customized cleaning services to various business establishments. Some offices need periodical cleaning, while some organizations need daily cleaning, mainly in areas of more massive traffic. This cleaning job in an office includes the dusting of furniture, mopping floor surfaces, emptying trash bins, entire vacuuming, cleaning of kitchenette and bathroom, cleaning stains of floor tiles with the machine, and cleaning of windows.

Thus, a business owner should choose a cleaning vendor carefully for keeping his/her office spotless and free of germs.



Factors for Finding a Suitable Commercial Cleaning Vendor

#1. Eco-Friendly Materials: The cleaning company should use only environment-friendly procedures for all types of cleaning. It should not use any toxic chemicals that can harm people or the surrounding environment. Moreover, there should not be any harmful residue left after cleaning commercial establishments, owing to modern techniques.

#2. Liability Insurance: Like other commercial companies, cleaning service providers should also have different kinds of necessary liability insurance for their employees. Clients should check the certificates of insurance, mainly regarding General Liability, workers’ compensations, umbrella liability, and bonding insurance. In this way, they can be safe from extra expenses if any accident occurs while cleaning their offices.

#3. Experience Level: It is best to hire an experienced commercial cleaning company, which is working in that specific locality for many years. A professional company will have a more organized way of cleaning. It will be able to handle all sorts of cleaning issues more efficiently, lessening the trouble for its clients. It is better if this company has prior experience of serving corporate clients of the same industrial sector.

#4. References from Other Clients: The most straightforward way of checking the reputation of a company is to find out its customer satisfaction rates.  So a cleaning company should be asked to provide some references of its previous clients so that you can contact them to know the quality of the services. A reputed cleaning company can provide many references, which prove its reliability, honesty, and satisfactory customer service.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

#5. Employee Background: The background of employees associated with the commercial cleaning service should be checked before hiring them. Since these people need to spend a lot of time at the client’s office, they should be trustworthy that can be checked from their records. Moreover, these people should be professionally trained in commercial cleaning so that they are aware of all modern cleaning techniques.

#6. The Flexibility of the Schedule: A client company may have working hours different from that of the hired cleaning service provider. Hence, it is desired that commercial cleaning professionals are flexible to work at any time according to the convenience of clients. As various companies have different working schedules, the cleaning service should be available round the clock so that the required cleaning can be done without disturbing office staff.

#7. Reviews on the Website: Many clients prefer to post positive or negative reviews on the websites of cleaning companies or their social media accounts. These online reviews help in the faster selection of a cleaning company, which reveals the customer satisfaction and quality of cleaning services provides by these companies.

#8. Offered Quotes: Since you will come across many cleaning companies, a business owner should seek quotes from multiple commercial cleaning service providers. He can compare these quotes and choose the one that seems most affordable for him. However, these quotes should include the costs of cleaning materials and other charges. Usually, these companies offer quotes only after visiting the offices of their clients and assessing the nature of the cleaning jobs.

A business owner should hire a local commercial cleaning company, which will keep his or her employees in a healthy working environment.