How Would You Deal with Burst Pipe?

burst pipe

The issue of burst pipe occurs mainly during winter season. If your pipes are not insulated or heated then the pipes can burst anytime and you need to repair or replace the pipes on an emergency basis. Remember that burst pipes further causes other issues like spillage of water all over the property resulting into the contamination of the environment. It may happen inside the house or you may find the traces of leakage on your yard. So, you need to know about the solutions to prevent the problem of burst pipes, and if you find this issue then you should stop freaking and call the professional plumbers to fix it.

Burst Pipe

Burst Pipe

How to handle the burst pipe?

  • If you find the burst pipe issue in your property then first you need to switch off the water supply from the main source. If you do not stop the water supply then more water will spill out from the leakage point and it will damage your property as well as the entire residential building. So before you call the plumber to resolve the issue, you must do your homework.
  • Water from the burst pipe will spill out and can damage your electronic items. Remember that water and electricity are bad conductors and getting in touch of each other can cause damage to the property as well as human life. Hence, it is recommended to turn off the heating systems such as water heaters and room heaters in such situations.
  • Then you need to call the professional plumbers to solve the burst pipe problems. They will inspect the affected areas of your pipelines and repair the burst pipes. They can also replace the same with new PVC pipes. Before hiring the plumber, you should check their license, experience, certification, specialty and customer reviews. They should have experience in this field and they must have advanced tools to repair the burst pipe.

After switching off the water supply, you must open the sink faucet to reduce the water pressure because some amount of water must be still there in your pipelines. It is suggested to store some water meanwhile because probably, you could not access the water for next few hours until the burst pipe gets fixed.

Burst Pipe

Burst Pipe

Why would you repair the burst pipes?

If the pipes are situated on your roof or behind the walls, then leakages of the pipes can damage your drywalls. In such cases, after fixing the pipes, you need to repair the drywall. Apart from that, burst pipe not only reduces the water pressure, but can also damage your household items such as carpets, rugs, electronics and tiles. You might have to spend a huge amount for repairing or replacing these household items after fixing your burst pipes. You will waste lots of water through the leakages and you have to spend more water consumption bill for this reason. To avoid such hazards, you can simply call the plumber to maintain your pipelines on regular basis. Normally, pipes can leak or burst due to heavy water pressure, and if you check the water pressure on a regular basis, then you can avoid such problems. Apart from that, old pipelines are made of cast iron and are prone to damage. You can replace these pipelines with PVC pipes because they are durable and can prevent such leakage issues in the future.

If the sewer pipes bursts then you need to locate the damaged areas and then seal those areas with some duct tapes, rugs, or heavy plastic. This is happened due to backflow of water during winters and you need to be aware of this situation. You can feel the foul smell inside your house and yard and you it is obvious that staying inside ones home with such a condition is near to impossible. So call the plumber to fix them properly.