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Ideas for Bathroom Renovations on Budget

You should make sure that it when it comes to bathroom renovations that you are sticking to your budget. There are plenty of ideas that you can use that would help to save you money, including by limiting the various items that you are using. You should ensure that you are replacing everything, but that you can take care of the entire project within your set budget.  If you want to renovate your bathroom with a small budget, then you can use granite countertops in your bathroom and you can also replace your bathroom floor times with marble or limestone. Apart from that, you can install small accessories in your bathroom to renovate the small space, for example, you can install a wall mounted mirror and cabinets inside the bathroom to make it large and use some shower curtains to save your bathroom floor space.

How would you renovate your bathroom within small budget?

Tile Limit

Most people like to use tile during their bathroom renovations, but if you want to keep on a budget, then you should make sure to limit the amount of tile that you are using. You should think about exactly where you are going to put it and it should go in the high impact areas, such as the floor rather than inside the shower cubicle. Also, you could alternate with tiles and paint to create a stunning look without spending a lot.

Counter Tops

The most common thing to happen during bathroom renovations is the installation of granite countertops. This is a lower cost since the amount is lower, but one thing you should think about is the cost. Sometimes if you go for different colors since the neutral tones like light beige, brown and tan will cost more. If you can go for a different color, then you might be able to see a lower cost for the materials. Also, think about purchasing those slabs that might have imperfections since this is a great way to get a quality piece at a discount price.  After purchasing the stone, you can easily cut and customize them according to your needs.

Lower Cost Substitutes

You don’t always need to pick the options that are the most expensive, but when it comes to bathroom renovations there are going to be plenty of substitutes that will cost you less. You should make sure to compare the options because sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between the expensive items and the more affordable options. If you are thinking about wood floors, then think about the laminate options, which can look just as great and they can save your cost too.


One of the things that can help your bathroom renovations stay within the set budget is to use paint. If you want to give the room an entirely new feel without going overboard, then you can use some paint, which can be done in different patterns to give a new look. You can also paint the walls, the floorboards, and even the molding near the ceilings to give it an entirely new look. Even you can also go for some texture design for your bathroom walls and you can decorate a wall with some flower prints or geometric designs.

There are many ways that you can keep your bathroom renovations within your set budget. Ensure that you are picking only the most important places to lay the tile and think about doing it yourself if you can. But DIY methods are not suitable for you and you need to spend additional damage cost for this process. It is better to ask for the quote from different bathroom renovators and then compare their price to choose an affordable one for your bathroom renovation project.