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Innovative Ideas to Apply While Doing Home Extension

Planning a home extension can be a great fun when you know the things properly. It’s not necessary that you always get excited after your project is sanctioned by the architect and engineer. You can do much of this on your own too, by applying mixed ideas, innovative concepts and be following the trending styles in home extensions and renovations too.

What is a Home Extension Work All About?

A home extension work is all about improvement. Whenever you want to add to some extra living area, extra space and shade to the home, which is secured too, and also want to increase the area inside, then you plan an extension combined with some renovation, or altogether new additions. This includes adding new roofs, walls, and floors. Sometimes, the extension may be about adding one or more extra story to the existing structure.

Moreover, home extensions can be of two to three types. One type revolves around sticking to the original design of the old structure. Here you copy the old style totally, from material to design to color, and each and everything.

The other style revolves around adding a newly designed structure to the existing one while bringing noticeable contrast in a style which still adds to the theme without looking odd. This fulfils the home owner’s desire to add trending designs and modernism to the old structure, and enjoy the modern and contemporary new part, and the old vintage part too, together for years.

Another style which is implemented a lot in home extensions is about adding glazed glass walls at three sides, while one side is part of the old building, or in concrete. This allows plenty of sun and natural light to come in while does not alter the old structure’s style much with any noticeable pattern. Glass mingles and adjusts well as the extended rooms, and thus keeps a harmony for the science conscious people.

Whatever your idea of extension is, one thing is common in all plans, and that is to keep the newly built part adjacent and connected with the old structure by using a common wall, or building a normal door, or pocket door in between. This establishes a connection while joining the two parts and making the newly built part an extension which can be used separately too, and also in conjunction with the old structure.

Innovative Ideas to Apply in Your Home Extension Project

There is just no end to innovation, and you will get many bright and practical concepts to follow always. Here are some such interesting ideas:

  • You can minimize the cost of construction when building two-storey s That’s because the main costing is on a roof, which gets divided into the two storey s, thus increasing living area, while keeping the expense reasonable.
  • Applying pocket doors instead of hinged doors can help you to keep the connection between the old and new structures camouflaged. When you need you can slide it and close this to make it look like a wall, and when you open it, the seamlessly hidden design makes the space look connected. This can add to both style and beauty.
  • When you are planning to erect a glass wall, you may apply privacy glazing on it, to ensure insulation, temperature control, and privacy sustenance together.
  • When you are planning a seamless style extension, then you must focus on the detailing of the old style, to ensure that not an inch looks different or added up.

These ideas make the venture more enjoyable, while you plan with enthusiasm. Extending the home helps you to materialize your dreams for decorating vacant space your way.