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Natural Alternatives To Toxic Chemicals

Many everyday cleaning products contain toxins that can harm the environment as well as your well-being. These hazardous chemicals have been linked to many serious conditions, including cancer, neurotoxicity, hormone disruption and asthma.

When you use them day after day, their overall impact on the body can be significant. For this reason, a growing number of businesses and consumers are looking for natural alternatives to toxic chemicals. With natural cleaners, you can still clean dirt and grime from spaces — but without the harmful side effects.

Where do you begin eliminating your environment of potential hazards? Start by looking at what’s in your existing cleaning solution supply. When you’re reading the labels on cleaning products, there are specific chemicals you should watch for — think of them as red flags indicating hazard to you and/or the planet.

The examples listed below are only a handful of the dangerous substances often lurking in mainstream cleaners. To learn more about them and other toxins, take a look at the below infographic. In it, you’ll find a list of the top 10 cleaning toxins found today, along with suggestions for natural cleaners you can use in their place.

Top 10 Cleaning Toxins & Natural Alternatives created by Spotless Cleaning Chicago.