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All You Need to Know About Builders


Builder refers to a person or a company who constructs or creates something by assembling the part or by putting materials together. For building or renovating your office, home you need a builder. They should have the basic knowledge of things related to their business. They should be able to estimate cost, quantity materials required for completion of work, maintain the work site, should have knowledge about legal procedures, laws, should maintain good communication with client, managing skill so that any project can be completed in a proper way.

Kinds of work Builders do:


  • New Homes: building your new home is very exciting but finding a reputed builder who specializes in building new home is a major issue. Builder for your home should be able to give you suggestions on important factors to look in like selecting location, costs, and materials suppliers, also provide you with a pre-construction plan, fitting and fixture and a lot more. You should make a list of queries and ask you builder to explain. 
  • Renovations: renovation means to redesign your home. Builders who are expert in home renovations can help you in redecorating your home according to the latest trend. Normally they charge on per square basis for large projects but for smaller projects they calculate on basis of materials and time required to finish the work.
  • Extensions of any part of the home: building a fresh one and extending any part are just two opposite pole tasks. It is more complicated and needs more effort than building new one. The cost is estimated on per square feet basis.
  • Builders can also help to get permits for your work.
  • Construction of commercial building: commercial building means shops, offices, factories malls etc. for this kind of work you need an excellent builder to assure you about the completion of task on time and within the desired budget.
  • Managing projects: mostly the builder does not look into the work but manage the purchase and delivery of materials needed for construction. They themselves manage plumber, electrician, interior decorator etc.

Points to be kept in mind while searching a good builder


  • The builder should be a registered one and must have a license, and this should be the prior requirement one should look for, irrespective of hiring a builder for residential or commercial project. License should be verified from state authority. Licensing provides you safety from any kind of fraud and assurance of the best quality of work.
  • Insurance is another issue which must be checked. The builder should pose proper insurance papers which includes builders risk insurance, public liability insurance, home warranty insurance etc.
  • You can ask the builder to show their previous work report so that you get a basic idea on how they work. This will ensure you the builder fulfills your desired project specification and matches your style.
  • Always try to get best quotes from different builder after mentioning detailed to do list. Check whether the quotes are similar, matching your preferences and most importantly the quality of products they offer. Ensure that they have not included any hidden cost. Do remember that the builder offering lower quotes also have good reputation and experience.
  • The contract paper must be carefully read and then signed. You should never sign any contract under any pressure or any kind of confusion regarding the work or contract.
  • The builder should clearly mention the deposit amount in the contract.
  • The time they need to complete their job is also another matter to look in and ask them to mention appropriate time span in contract.

So, here are few points and kind of services, which a builder provides to you. Make a thorough research on the reputation of the builder before making the contract.