Home Cleaning

Never Make These 5 House Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning task plays an important role in home interior. A proper cleaning enhances the beauty of your room and protects you from dangerous diseases at the same time and also helps you to lead a healthy life. Any mistake in cleaning can harm the environment of the home and there are many negative effects on our health. Are you making any mistakes while cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, living room and more? 

Find some places and common mistakes which one should avoid especially when cleaning your home. 

#1. Start cleaning task with planning:- Planning is just like wearing a dress before leaving your home. If you begin your task without planning, you don’t know that what accessories you need and how much time it will take. Planning is the first step to finding the perfect result. A planning helps you to decide short and long tasks; it helps to make decisions faster. If you properly plan then you can finish your task within time.

#2. Cleaning is wrong way or order:- Most of the people don’t know that from where they should begin their tasks. Suppose first you clean your room floor and after that, you start with the ceiling and wall area than the room surface gets dirty again. So you have to clean it again. This is necessary, you should make a note and write the tasks in order and follow the same accordingly. You can also divide the task in your mind and do accordingly. You should start cleaning from the top then window and walls and finally, floor area can save your time and efforts.

#3. Cleaning without gloves:– Cleaning is an important but nasty job. You come in contact with bacteria, dust, mud etc. so without using gloves and do this task is bare handed may prove dangerous. So you should use gloves when you are going to begin your task.  

#4. Use products without following the instructions:- This is the biggest mistake which we do mostly. We get bored during reading the instructions which are given on the product and use it without following the instruction. This can have improper use of chemical cleaning products and can have many negative effects on our health. For knowing that how you can use the product, you must read the given instructions and should follow accordingly.

#5. Use cleaning solution directly on expensive accessories:- Very often we don’t care and use cleaning solution directly on expensive accessories like handmade carpets. You want to clean your room surface area and handmade carpet as well so you should rollup the carpet first and then clean your floor. Handmade carpet is not just like small accessories which you can replace, exchange or buy in your daily routine. This is a thing which you cannot buy every year so; you should care about it by washing and cleaning. Before applying the washing solution on the whole carpet, you should use it in a small portion of exclusive handmade carpet like at corner part of the carpet. Yes, this is important because sometimes the chemical solution destroys the piles of carpet and it’s difficult to repair it in the same way.

I hope after reading this article, you won’t make these mistakes again and will complete the cleaning task properly.