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Perfection From Imperfection- Australian Wormy Chestnut Timber

Australian Wormy Chestnut Timber

If you are an Australian or a wood lover, then you might know the story of Australian wormy chestnut timber. How it came into existence or what exactly is this timber? This timber is the perfect example of how anything so imperfect can give birth to perfection or can be used to make beautiful things. Some researchers say that “the timber is a collection of different species of Eucalyptus including Messmate, Silver tip Ash and Cattail.” It is said that the timber has faced it all, from fire to drought to several other damages and is still standing tall. This one statement itself proves the level of its durability and hardness.

Initially Australian wormy chestnut timber was used to make flooring articles only. However, now the manufacturers are taking it to a different level of usage. Many of the companies has started making custom furniture with the use of the said timber to give that vintage and original look, which many of us adore and love.

Here are some of the examples of the furniture which is being manufactured with the usage of Australian wormy chestnut timber. 

Australian Wormy Chestnut Timber

Australian Wormy Chestnut Timber


The timber is most appreciated for its durability; however, it has several other properties which are loved to. Once the timber is properly processed it is known for not concealing the dirt as well as do not collect dust on it. It gives the perfect unique look which the customer is looking for and is quite easy to maintain.. This timber which is popular throughout the world is used for flooring.

Dining Tables:

Australian wormy chestnut timber comes in varied color tones, from brown to light pink. It offers a great range of colour schemes when it comes to manufacturing furniture. You get a natural timber product that too in a different colour without ruining its natural look and style, what more you can ask when it comes to wooden furniture. And all of this is offered by this exotic timber.


Be it barn doors or the cute outhouse doors, Australian wormy chestnut timber can be used for both. It not only offers its aesthetic look but comes with a list of beneficial properties as well. Barn or outhouses normally requires the vintage or a little run-down look yet secured feeling. They need something which is strong yet looks a little rusty. The said timber adds that specific look and nail the qualities asked literally.


Timber furniture never goes out of the season specifically when it comes to couches, sofas, chairs, etc. but people look out for different styles, textures and vibes with the same raw material. With such a diverse and valuable history this chestnut timber brings out the uniqueness which people are searching for. It is also said that no two pieces of the chestnut timber are similar. Hence it adds the style mixed with uniqueness. Now you can definitely say, “Nobody has what you have.”

Coffee tables

Most of the times coffee tables are placed to add an edge to the decor of the room. If your room has that old antique and vintage vibe then our Australian wormy chestnut timber is the ideal option to pick. It has a history like decade old timber with a look which justifies it.


Most of the timber available in the market can be secured with ease and offers great look after some processing, recycling, sanding and coloring. But with this chestnut timber you get the feel and vibe without working too much. It can add the look to any or every furniture it is used to manufacture.