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Putting in a New Kitchen Countertop

Putting in a new kitchen countertop is a great thing you can do to revitalize your kitchen interiors and to make your kitchen look brand new again. It’s important to properly go through all of the steps to might sure you have your new kitchen countertop put in right because you’re probably going to be living with it and using it on a daily basis for some time to come.

The following are five of the main steps you’ll go through if you’re putting a new kitchen countertop in at your home:

Deciding on what material you want your new countertop to be made from

These days, there are many different materials from which you can choose from when you’re looking for the right countertop for your kitchen. There are many considerations you’ll want to take into account when choosing from among the different options. You can chose granite, which is a traditional countertop material. You can also choose other materials like wood, marble, laminate, glass, and many other options.

Taking measurements to see what the dimensions of your countertop will be

You’re going to need to know what the exact measurements of your kitchen counter space are going to be before you can put in an order for your countertop. If you want your new countertops to be the same size as your original countertops, you can just measure your existing countertops. However, if you’re changing the entire design of your kitchen, you will need to change the measurements for your new kitchen layouts.

Ordering countertops

Once you’ve selected your countertop material and taken measurements, you’ll need to order your actual countertop and have it cut to the size you need. It may take some time to get your countertop after you put the order in, so plan ahead. There are a variety of different places you can order a new kitchen countertop from including home improvement stores or from a fabricator.

Preparing the space by removing original countertops

The original countertop of course will need to be removed before the new one can be put in place. If you’re hiring a contractor to handle preparation and installation for you, you’re going to have to prepare by clearing things out of your kitchen and planning to let your kitchen be out of order for at least a few hours while the old counter is cleared away and the new one is installed.

In many situations, it will be necessary to disconnect plumbing fixtures in preparation for the installation.


Usually, a new countertop will be installed over a layer of plywood that provides some added support over the top of the cabinets. Over this plywood, adhesive is put on to hold the countertop in place.

Sometimes, a countertop installation will include the use of sealant or filler to go in the seams in the countertop. After the installation is complete, plumbing fixtures can be reconnected and then the kitchen will be ready for use.