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Reasons Why Investing In Split System Air Conditioner Is More Prudent

A lot of people are switching over to split system air conditioner and manufacturers are also coming up with different variants of it instead of the window AC systems. The entire system is split into two components: one is the indoor air handler and the other is the outdoor condenser unit with a heat pump.

There is a small channel of coolant that connects the two units and also absorbs heat in your room. It releases the captured heat outside and helps in maintaining a steady and comfortable temperature. However, you can enjoy the cooling effect in only one room at a time making it an ideal alternative for small spaces.

The Different Benefits of a Split System Air Conditioner Include:

  • Efficiency: It uses 40% less energy than bulky window units as it transfers hat energy and does not alter it.
  • Style: It does not block the entire window or prevents light and fresh air from coming in. Hang it inconspicuously on the wall and operate it with a remote control in style.
  • Easy to install: Because the duct work is not required it makes these ac’s very easy to install.

It also security preventing theft, operates silently and have adjustable setting to provide total comfort.

Split System Air Conditioner

Split System Air Conditioner

The Working Process

The working process of the split system air conditioner is also another reason for its high popularity. The evaporative heat exchanger blows air inside the room. Apart from the comparatively low initial purchase price, the installation process of these systems is not so invasive.

The outside condenser unit has the refrigerant that creates the cool air which is pushed inside the room through the indoor unit. Since it does not have a long ductwork which is usually made of metal, there is less chance of any heat loss or leaks when you use a split air conditioner.

These units are usually more flexible as compared to any other ducted AC. You can install additional units at any time as per your requirement to other rooms or even in the same room if it is large and you need the more cooling effect.

All you have to do is locate a good spot to install the external condenser unit so that it is well protected from direct sunlight. This will ensure better functionality and at the same time, it will reduce the workload of the compressor. It may be considered unsightly by few users, but the other benefits of a split system air conditioner offset this single drawback, provided you give it that name.

Features to Consider

There are a few features to consider in a split system air conditioner when you want to buy it.

  • Filters and dehumidifiers are primary especially if you or any of your family members suffer from asthma or any respiratory issue. The filters will reduce the dust and allergens from the air to improve the air quality. Moreover, if you live in a tropical area you can choose models that have additional dehumidifying technology that will ensure better and more cooling effect in the room irrespective of the high temperature outside.
  • Air conditioner timers are the next important thing to consider so that you can turn it off when you sleep and the room is cool and comfortable enough. You may even find a split system air conditioner that can be connected with your smartphone through an accompanying app so that you can switch it on or off remotely without carrying the remote control.

Make sure that you check the SEER or energy ratings and verify it with the government’s Energy Ratings website. This will ensure that you have low energy bills to pay every month.