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Signs That Show Your Air Conditioner Needs a Replacement: A Brief Guide

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Most of us do not pay attention to the performance of the air conditioners, especially when we have more than one in our house. But what do you need to do when the air conditioner in your home or office is not functioning the way it needs to? Do you get it repaired or replace it? How do you make the right choice?

If you are wondering if you need to repair or replace your present air conditioner, you are at the right place for a piece of advice. There are certain signs you need to look for in air conditioners that indicate if it needs a replacement. Let us have a look:

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

1. Regular repairs

If you own an air conditioner, you might be used to the regular maintenance and repairs that come along with it. But if you are getting it repaired more than usual, you are spending more money without your notice. This is the time you need to ditch the old AC for a new one.

2. An old model

Like every other appliance, air conditioners too have changed with changing times. If you are using an AC that is more than 8-9 years old, you are indeed missing the benefits provided by the latest technology. The newer models are energy efficient as well!

3. Insufficient airflow and unusual sound

Do you feel that the airflow in your air conditioner is less compared to the last summer? While the problem can arise due to a blockage in the filter or passage, it can be more than that. Sometimes a faulty compressor can reduce the flow of air. Do get your air conditioner checked to understand the problem and before you go in for a replacement. Air conditioners these days are very calm and do not make any sounds. But, if you have an AC that is a few years old and you hear some crunching sounds, it is time you call an expert.

4. A leak in the unit

It is normal for air conditioners to have a little condensation near the unit, but it should not look like a leak. If you find a lot of water getting collected on the ground or around the AC, you need to get it checked by a professional and replace it with a new one.

5. Smells bad and unusual sound

Air conditioners do not emit any smell, but if you observe your AC doing it, you need to call a technician. If you smell a strong burning smell from the system, it indicates the burning of wire and such a system needs immediate replacement. A musty smell can also occur if there is mold inside the AC due to excess moisture. In either case, you need to replace the unit for the safety of your family. Did you get freaked out when the AC turns on and off by itself? Well, such a situation can occur due to various technical reasons.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

If you see a huge fluctuation in the bills you are paying with every changing season; you certainly need to turn back and have a look at the air conditioning in your house. You might have ramped up the cooling during summers, but if you notice the bill being more than regular, the problem might be with your AC.  If you have an air conditioner system that home or office that exhibits more than three of the above signs, it is time you think of replacing the unit. You do not want to struggle with an air conditioner on a hot scorching day!