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The Dangers of DIY Termite Control

termite control

People today love finding ways to save money. So it’s no surprise that DIY alternatives to common activities or projects have become a trend.

Examples would be painting works, carpentry or renovation jobs. Some homeowners believe it would be more cost-effective to buy materials and tools and to perform a task on their own rather than pay high professional fees. In their eyes, a DIY solution is a cheap and quick remedy.

This isn’t true for all cases, however — especially not for such serious matters as a termite infestation.

While some other pests can easily be controlled with simple homemade remedies and proper housekeeping, dealing with termites is a completely different animal.

These pesky pests infest your property by eating through cellulose materials like lumber that hold up your roof and walls. In fact, they also eat non-structural materials like decorative wood, flooring, and furniture. 

A professional termite extermination and control service is considered an expert service precisely because only highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable specialists are meant to perform it. 

Pest control experts on the Gold Coast share the three kinds of dangers you stand to face when you use DIY termite control methods.

Efficacy Risks

Did you know that there are different termite species? As such, a one-size-fits-all DIY termite control solution won’t work. In fact, implementing it will even result in delayed treatments and cause further damage to your property.

termite control

Furthermore, getting rid of termites involves the eradication of all termites in your property – those that are visible as well as in hiding. And even if the entire colony is eradicated, there are measures you need to put in place to prevent a new termite infestation.

For instance, you must create a termite barrier by injecting the right insecticide in the soil around your property. But this task is not as easy as it seems because you need to use the right equipment.

To ensure that termites are eradicated from your property and won’t cause damage again, you must hire termite pest control experts who have the right knowledge and tools to deal efficiently with termites.

Health and Safety Risks

There are certain chemicals that should be used to control termite infestations. Unfortunately, most of these substances are harmful to you, your pets, and even your plants. Due to their foul smell, they can even harm your lungs, which may contribute to the development of certain types of cancer.

Just like controlling pests in your garden, safe chemicals must be used to control termites.

If you want to tackle termite infestations, you must undergo basic safety training. Also, you may need to get proper licensing and certification so you can buy the most effective chemicals. Bear in mind that the risk of improper chemical handling is never worth any amount of money.

So unless you are knowledgeable and skilled enough to handle these chemicals properly, you better call in termite control experts. These professionals know which ones are safe to use.

Monetary Risks

Cost savings are among the reasons homeowners choose DIY termite control solutions. But the trial-and-error nature of these methods will cost you more money. Due to the fact that you do not know which chemicals are most effective for the type of termite infesting your house, you may need to buy plenty of supplies.

Each time a pest repellent fails to work, you will need to purchase another product. So instead of saving money, more will be spent in the long run.

Remember that termite control should be done once only, so trial and error does not make sense. It is only a great option for everyday matters like buying toiletries, clothes or food. Making a mistake when it comes to eradicating termites can become too expensive and time-consuming. 

Most homeowners hesitate to hire termite control experts because they think that this entails a lot of money. But in fact, hiring them is the only way sure-fire results are guaranteed. Besides, they are trained to perform this job using the best possible method, and with the right tools and equipment. Furthermore, they will implement measures to prevent another termite infestation, including an annual termite inspection.

Your house is a major investment. The best way to protect its value is to get a professional pest control service. Professionals will monitor your property for any termite activity, identify infestations with accuracy, and effectively treat your home with the safest termite control products and methods.

Finally, one of the great things about a pest control service in SA is that when there are other pests aside from termites detected upon inspection, they can deal with those as well. So as soon as you notice any sign of termite infestation, don’t hesitate to call the best pest control company in your area today!