The Growing Trend of Kitchen Versatility


Kitchen trends come and go, and one that’s on the way in is versatility. More households want a multi-functional kitchen, that can accommodate a variety if requirements and activities. It’s a natural progression of an open plan kitchen, bringing with it new challenges and ways to make it work.

Many households want enough space to prepare and cook meals, study or use their laptop when working from home, to entertain guests and even to relax with a cuppa and a good book. It can be a challenge for some kitchens to deliver all of this, but it can be done in most spaces.

“Now that open-plan kitchens are the mainstay of UK design, people are keen to find ways that make them work in a way that keeps the bright open spaces but is functional, too,” said Marylebone estate agent, Kubie Gold. “A bit more thought might be needed in some homes, but once that’s done, the end result will work even better for today’s households.”

Make Space with Storage Innovation


One good way to make an open space suit a multitude of uses, is to get clever with your storage ideas. Utilise all the available space by adding slim cupboards and hanging rails. Just as people are becoming more open to rails and wall hanging in bedrooms, similar attitudes are developing with regards to kitchens.

Replace bulky cupboards andawkward spaces with magnets and hanging racks. Spice racks, cooking utensils and even pots and pans can be easily stored this way, without taking up too much preparation space. Then, if you don’t have awkward cupboards and drawers to open or units on top of workspaces, there’s more space to use, for the things a household needs it.

“Think differently when it comes to kitchen storage and create more workspace for the things you want,” said Best Gapp,Belgravia estate agent. “Free up work space for anything from working to entertaining and you’ll fall in love with your kitchen, all over again.”

Moveable Partitions

If it’s not worktop space that you need, but want to find a way to create separate space within a larger area, there are options out there, too. Moveable partitions are a simple way to create a separate area when you need it, without removing the open space completely.

Numerous companies now offer this and you could turn it into a design feature too. A plain and simple, movable partition unit could suit many open-plan kitchens. But, there’s nothing to stop home-owners from adding an eye-catching print or creating a focal point with a clever design on the partition you choose.

That way, you can combine functionality with design – a great thing to do that can make a real difference to your open-plan kitchen.

“Open-plan kitchens are a great design concept that make space and bring in light, but sometimes, they need a few tweaks before they’re exactly what a household needs,” said Assetgrove. “With a bit of research and thought it’s possible to create the perfect, versatile kitchen to suit your every need.”