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There’s No Need to Buy a Painting: 5 Distinct Advantages of Poster Paintings

Once decorating a home or office space meant purchasing a canvas painting by a local artist. However, the younger generations are transitioning to elegant and modern poster prints. But why? What is behind the shift to posters from the canvas? Are they really any better?

The short answer is yes. These are five distinct advantages poster prints have over canvas paintings. 

#1. Paper Holds More Detail

For intricate pictures and photographs, paper posters have a distinct advantage over the canvas. They allow for far more detail in the print. Without the grooves on the canvas, the paper can display the tiniest of details even in small print design and can be expanded to any paper size.

Of course, much depends on the paper quality. However, many printers now use satin matte photo paper, which offers the highest possible quality to display the most detail possible in every style of print. 

#2. Allows for More Textures

With poster prints, you can convey any texture you want. Unlike painting or printing on canvas, when the canvas texture can be a distraction and overpower elements of the photo or picture. A matted paper has the ability to portray a number of different finishes allowing for more variety and versatility. 

#3. It is Better for Black and White Works

On fibre paper, black and white works excel. With only two colors, it can be difficult to convey the necessary depth, detail, and texture of a black and white photo or picture. Therefore, a high-quality paper which allows for the maximum variance, range and detail perception is essential for displaying a black and white piece to maximum effect. 

#4. Frames Can Match the Décor of Any Room

Canvas prints are usually displayed frameless or in a small “floating frame”. These limited options mean that the print itself much match the décor of the room because the frame offers no opportunity to separate the print from the walls.

A poster print can be framed in any frame or style you choose. You can frame it in an understated black frame just to create a barrier between the piece and the room, or a loud and bright frame to match the décor. Adding a frame allows for more flexibility and versatility and means a poster print can be placed anywhere in any room. 

#5. They Are More Affordable

Paper prints can be as much as half the price of a canvas print, even for high-quality paper prints. This is because the printing process is labor intensive. This cost saving is passed onto the consumer, providing access to quality prints without breaking the bank.

Deciding which option is best for your home and office will depend on your budget, space available, the print on display, texture and personal preference. However, in general, if the budget is low, there is a specific décor the print needs to match, the print has a high level of detail, or if the print is black and white, opting for the poster print instead of the canvas is often the right move.