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Tips for Renovating Small Bedrooms

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Nothing breathes new life into a room quite like renovating and redecorating it. Even small bedrooms can be transformed, even if they appear to present some decorating challenges. When a room is small, it often feels uncluttered, especially if you don’t decorate it properly. The good news is that there’s a lot you can do with a small bedroom. Here’s some top tips for renovating small bedrooms from the experts at Navigation Homes.

The Walls

If you want to make your room a little larger, then you need to use light colors. Find a light shade that suits your small bedroom. Butter yellow, dove white, and creamy tan are all great choices. These make even a small room seem spacious. Complete the effect by painting the ceiling the lightest value for your chosen paint color. This will enhance the overall monochromatic scheme of your bedroom. A light ceiling will also give off the illusion of being higher than it is, giving the room even more perceived space.

The Floors

The flooring needs to be one shade darker than your walls to really build up the monochromatic design. A true monochromatic décor is made from different values of a single color to create an elegantly calming décor scheme. A monochromatic color scheme also makes a room feel more spacious. Choose carpeting that doesn’t have sculpting as it can distract people by drawing their eyes. The goal here is to create a room that has few visual interruptions as possible in order to appear the most expansive. If you want to have wood floors instead, then choose a light option with minimal grain variegation as this can weigh down the light décor. If you have wooden floors then we’d have to recommend an area rug with texture, like a shag rug, but without any patterns. This will make the room seem even lighter.


Light fixtures are an important part of small bedrooms. The right lighting options can make rooms feel larger. Considering hanging a crystal chandelier from high ceilings to give the room some additional light and perceived height. If your room has a more modern décor then go for ceiling recessed lights rather than a chandelier. This increases the spaciousness of this kind of room. Wall sconces on dresser walls will give your dressing area some extra light. Avoid using a heavy drapery that blocks natural light and have lace drapes or pull-down shades installed instead. Finally, use a tray of candles on a side table to give the room a soft glow.


mirror for home

Mirrors are another key aspect of any small room as they open up a space and give the illusion of spaciousness. Put a mirror behind the bed to draw more attention to the focal point wall, leaving your room looking and feeling bigger. Find space to install a dresser or end table with a mirror on the top, front, and sides to reflect even more light and add to the stylish nature of the décor. Find mirror frames that complement and coordinate your chosen decorating scheme, such as a white-distressed frame for shabby chic rooms or ornate gold frames to give your room some Victorian décor. The result is a room that feels much bigger than it really is.

There are more options than you think when it comes to renovating a small room. Choose light colors and light the room up to make it feel warm and spacious. Make the most out of your room and you’ll be surprised at how good it can look.