An Understanding Of The Soil Supplies Required For Organic Gardening

Soil Supplies

A healthy pregnant woman is most likely to give birth to a healthy child, therefore in the same way a healthy soil will yield a healthier production. In the current time of industrialization, the world has been neglecting to take care of things that support life. The soil quality has been degrading, and organic soil for that matter is being the basis of healthy and productive. You need to understand the importance of organic soil when you are searching for good productivity. Some might object in the form of a question that how organic soil which constitutes a minor portion of total soil can improve the entire soil’s productivity, the answer can be explained by a simple example that a tiny medical tablet has the potential to cure the entire body of a disease, similarly soil supplies influence the effect of all soil properties. Hence, we should lay more stress on soil health and how to manage them to get better results.

What Are The Benefits of Organic Soil?

Soil Supplies

Soil Supplies

  • Nutrient supply: The organic soil acts as a storehouse of nutrients that are released to the soil. The nutrient release happens mostly in spring and summer seasons, this is because the summer crops are more beneficial than winter crops from organic soil and mineralization. The organic soli also acts as a reservoir because it holds the positively charged potassium, calcium, and magnesium, in such a way that the plants can receive it.
  • Water holding capacity: The roots of a plant get minerals through water, but what if this water never holds on to the roots? Water can easily seep deeper into the ground, but it is the water holding capacity which makes this water available to the roots by releasing a major portion. The soil supplies act as a sponge and absorb and hold up to 90% of its weight in water.
  • Soil Structure Aggregation: The reason why soil is able to hold water is due to organic soil as it helps the soil to cluster and forms soil aggregates, which makes the soil structures better and this enhances the soils’ power to take up and hold more water.
  • Prevents Soil Erosion: In the simplest way, it can be said that soil supplies as it helps in holding water in the soil and hence make the soil more fertile and where there are trees the possibilities of soil erosion are reduced.
  • Creates Humus: soil supplies when used as mulches or put into the soil the microorganisms break-down these and convert soil into humus, and humus is very important for a plant’s growth and health.

How To Enhance And Maintain The Performance Of Organic Soil?

Soil Supplies

Soil Supplies

There is a number of ways if properly followed one can maintain the quality of soil supplies. With the use of tillage technique, it is possible to flush microbial action and this consequently speeds up the decomposition process.

Topsoil and organic soil face the consequences ‘hand in glove with each other’ whenever the soil erodes organic soil go with it as the organic matter is in the topmost level of soil. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent soil erosion to save the loss of organic soil.

When one grows cover crops, they help in the maintenance and soil quality recovery as they contribute to organic matters’ growth too, but for optimum results, it is necessary to combine all three methods, tillage reduction and erosion control.

It is every person’s responsibility to contribute to its preservation and maintenance so that the soil can produce more. We all know the importance of the good quality fertile soil in agriculture and this is the time to contribute for the same.


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