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Using Plantation Window Blinds for A Better Ambience

plantation window blinds,

A beautiful way to decorate the house is with the use of plantation window blinds. But before you proceed with the plans, you must learn where you may use them, and why. Not all weathers and climates are suitable for the use of the blinds, and you must be lucky to have a suitable climate type in your place to proceed with the majestic and magnificent window treatment option.

The ideal climate and setting for using plantation window blinds

plantation window blinds,

If you live in a hot and humid area, or very dry and hot area, then you possibly would like to use an air conditioner in your home or office. And in such case, the plantation shutter will not be of any use. The main objective behind using these blinds is to get an uninterrupted flow of fresh air, and also natural light from outdoor surroundings. Therefore, the area you live in, or the room you are planning to install the blind must be one that will not be air tight, air conditioned etc., and should have an open window to go ahead with the installation.

Cooler climate, maritime climate, or climate where you don’t get to experience hot breeze is perfect geographically for the installation of plantation blinds. Besides, you may even get the blinds on the windows of kitchens and bathrooms, which are ideal spaces in any climate for there is no need of air conditioning and the inflow of fresh air is consistent. The other benefit is ample natural light which can help you save a lot of power during the day time, and also provides enough natural light to the kitchen.

A space bathed everyday with sunlight for quite a few hours, promises sanity and hygiene. That is why bathroom and kitchens that gets enough invasions of germs and odors can be kept fresh and habitable with the use of plantation window blinds.

The Advantages of using plantation blinds

plantation window blinds

When your windows have plantation blinds you enjoy the following benefits:

  • These are permanent, hard surfaced durable structures, which require no maintenance. Hence, you do not need to clean and wash it. Just an occasional dusting which you do for other home furniture would be enough.
  • Plantation blinds add value to the home or property. You can get those insured, get paid for their repairs, and get higher selling price for the property with the blinds on.
  • Never compromise on the source of natural light when you have plantation blinds installed on windows. These always send in natural light until the shutters are open.
  • Get plenty of fresh air till your shutters are open.
  • Opening and closing of shutters, or changing shutter angle is really easy with the manual operator.
  • Get the shutters painted in any style or color you want with custom ordering.
  • Never let stale air sit in your rooms because of its easy air passage system.
  • If you want to cut off the air and light, just close the shutters completely, and you are done.

With all these benefits, once you get accustomed to using the plantation window blinds, you will possibly never feel so comfortable, aerated, and full of light with any other window treatment system.

Plantation window blinds gives you a healthy and hassle free, and classy way of living, and making your living space more ambient. You can nowadays even surf through various designs, sizes, colors, or custom features that you may add on your house or shop. You can always order your blinds online.

Alternatively, get an interior designer or tell your architect to plan things for you. Plantation blinds are a perfect way to add value and style to your home, and you have to try it to believe it!