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Weatherproof Louvre Grille And Its Multiple Uses For Commercial Use!

Weatherproof Louvre Grille

Weatherproof Louvre Grille

It is essential to choose the right type of window grilles when you are constructing a house or renovating it. Right window grilles can help you pass natural light and also maintain proper airflow, and they also save the energy bills. Many homeowners prefer weatherproof louvre grill windows because they control because of their apparent advantages. These louvre grilles are similar to louvred doors. Louvres are flat sloping or slat made of wood, metal or glass. They allow coming and refraining the harsh winds and rains to enter the house. These windows are installed to provide ventilation in the buildings as well as unrestricted views. The slats or sloping of these windows is either fixed or adjustable. Single or double louvre grill is perfect for uniform distribution of air you can set the angle of deflection with the help of adjustable blades.

The history of medieval louvers 

  • In the middle age’s louvres were lantern-like constructions made of wood that was fitted in the rooftop holes of kitchens to allow ventilation and keep the rains and ice out from houses.
  •  Initially, these louvres were crude constructions that only comprised of the barrel; then they evolved into elaborate designs made using pottery.
  • Home ventilation, grilled ducting and use of sensors for your home leadto enhanced forms of security.
  • These had shapes of faces from which smoke & steam from cooking used to exit via eyes and mouth. With the development of technology, the construction of louvres changed, and they took a modern shape that now can be opened and closed just by using string. Now we have weatherproof louvre grilles that are much more functional.

Weatherproof louvres grille

Weatherproof Louvre Grille

Weatherproof Louvre Grille

Weatherproof louvres are external closures used in air ducts they not only provide ventilation & light through their openings they also stop the entrance of foreign bodies, and they provide defence from all types of weathers be it hurricanes, snowfall or heavy rainfall. Here is everything you should know about Weatherproof louvres grilles.


Majorly Weatherproof louvres grille come in these shapes and you can get the configured in any size you wish.

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Horizontal inverted
  • Triangular
  • Circular
  • Curved
  • Arched
  • Trapezoidal

Materials Weatherproof louvres grilles in following elements but you should choose the material based on the climatic conditions and as per the requirements of the plants: 

Weatherproof Louvre Grille

Weatherproof Louvre Grille

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Copper titanium zinc

Benefits of using weatherproof louvre grille

  • Weatherproof Louvres grills are designed to enhance natural ventilation and screening, and despite this, they l maintain a level of weather resistance and aerodynamic efficiency.
  • They are aerodynamically efficient, meaning they will reduce air resistance and allow the plant to minimize the running cost. 
  • These louvres are used in spaces like plant screenings, and mechanical equipment screens smoke exhausts, air conditioning and carpark fresh air intakes and cooling towers.
  • Weatherproof grilles are an excellent option to be installed in hospitals, storage warehouses, commercial blocks and manufacturing units.
  • If you buy your Weatherproof louvres grilles from a reliable source you will get the durable and long-lasting options.
  • They are literally maintenance-free because they are made from corrosion-resistant materials.
  • They are straightforward to install and dismantle.
  • You can find them in the mirage of finishes and coatings that can meet the requirements of any project.
  • You can go for anodized varieties of grilles and then use the designed structures for ventilation. Go for grilles that enhance positive pressure and also help in major energy recovery.

Most characteristic features of louvres are they are lightweight and yet they have heavy-duty designs.