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What Are Vital Essentials Required for Window Cleaning?

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Someone has truly remarked that cleanliness is next to godliness. This proverb is applicable universally, whether it is office or our own home. When into house, it is preferable to keep the same in terms of hygiene and safety. Windows play a vital role in a house. Thus, it requires regular cleaning. 

It is better to carry on with research work regarding various patterns of cleaning that are required for certain types of windows. If you are much concerned about the health of your family, then regular window cleaning needs to be given a due stress. Along with knowing the procedures, it is important to get to know about essentials that will serve the desired purpose. 

Essentials for a Perfect Window Cleaning Activity 

People planning for DIY cleaning procedure, especially for their windows may take into usage the following tools to fetch professional results against nominal investment: 

  • Squeegee
  • Strip Washer
  • Sea Sponge

# Squeegee 

The squeegee is among the most preferable tools for window cleaning designed for drying glass after it is scrubbed thoroughly. It comprises of four vital parts that include: 

  • The handle
  • Channel
  • Rubber
  • Clip

Though the handle along with clips and channel may last for years even after high usage, the rubber requires often replacement, as it suffers lots of wear and tear. Due to direct contact with window framework, it starts getting destructed. At the time of using a squeegee, it is recommended to remove all sorts of solutions from the glass to prevent streaking. 

Even after being a highly versatile tool, learning proper usage of the same will fetch you much benefit. In addition, there are techniques like x-method, genus, and many more that are applicable for drying windows with the help of a squeegee. 

#Strip Washer 

Also known as, the washer hand, strip washer has proved to be a highly useful tool in terms of loosening dirt along with debris from window glass with an ease. In recent years, professionals along with DIY preferable people use this tool instead of the boar’s hairbrush. It is compiled through a proper combination of two essentials that include: 

  • Handle
  • Sleeve

Both are available in a wide variety of sizes that range within 6” to 22”. However, the handle may last for long, but the sleeve needs to be replaced in a periodic manner due to high wear and tear faced by the same. It is preferable to experiment with various types of sleeves, as purposes hidden behind vary from each other.

Various types of sleeves available into the market include the following: 

  • Ability to hold water
  • Comprising of nylon fibres
  • Comprising of steel wool woven contributing in strength

First time buyers are suggested to purchase strip washer comprising of size 14”, as it provides enough coverage on most of the glasses in a less cumbersome manner.

# Sea Sponge 

The sea sponge is known as a natural sponge due to comprising of a wide number of features for betterment. It is considered as an organic plant material. In case of window cleaning, the sea sponge is commonly used for wiping excess of water from the rubber attached to the squeegee.

However, at the same time, the sea sponge may be utilized additionally for:

  • Cleaning of window framework
  • Removal of excess wetness from edges
  • Rubbing out of spots
  • Easy cleaning of window tracks

These essentials will assist you in going for DIY cleaning of windows without any hindrance. You may fetch them either from your local retail store or from online stores within a few clicks. Thus, you can start your window cleaning when you get these essentials, as it will become hassle-free tasks.