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Why Air Condition Has Become So Important?

It was a time when air conditioning was a choice, not a need but now air conditioning houses and office requires the cooling of the room. The reason is known to all of us, it is the increasing heat and pollution. The pollution of the air and water has lead to a different atmospheric problem. Mostly air pollution has led to an increase in the rise of atmospheric temperature.


Trees are cut that has reduced the flow of pure air and oxygen. The soil is also affected by the cutting of the roots of the trees and plants. It is known to all of us that the plants and trees help in the proper formation and holding of the soil. Lots of incidents are seen of landslides, soil problems that are leading to less growth or no growth. So, the lack of trees and oxygen has increased the heat formation on the earth that has made difficult for the human being to resist heat. The air conditioning system has enabled people to resist heat, under any condition during the summer. To fight against the summer heat it has become important for the human being to use the air conditioner.


Heart diseases, breathing problems, and skin problems are the most occurring diseases that are caused due to air pollution. The requirement of air purifier has become necessary to get rid of the diseases. The air purifier may not cure the disease but this will enable us to resist the pollution to further create any health problems.

Air Cooler

Before the air conditioner, to reduce heat air cooler was in use that helped to resist heat. The importance of the air cooler was higher; water was required to operate the cooler. The cooler was invented to the face the extreme heat but slowly the priority changed as the heat increased and the air condition was invented. The air conditioning system has the property of cooling and air purification. Air purification is necessary now and so the features of the air conditioners have increased, cooling and air purification are carried out together. The air entering the room is purified and then circulated inside the room.

Different type of air conditioning systems

For certain reasons the wide number of an air conditioner is available in the market they are:

Central Air Conditioning

The system in which the entire area runs under centrally, depending on the area of the temperature is controlled under a certain degree. The chilled air is carried out through the ducts and circulated throughout the rooms. The system requires planning before installations of the system in the areas.

Window Air Conditioner

One of the traditional AC is Window units that can cool a room by releasing the warm air and returning with the blow of cool air into the room. Best for the small space room, the air can circulate in a small area and release chilled air.

Mini-Split Air Conditioner

The small air conditioning system that is used in residential areas that can be set in any space of the room, the circulation of the air is throughout under the specific temperature. Similar to the central AC, these systems also have both the outdoor compressor/condenser and one indoor handling unit.

Portable Air Conditioner

This air conditioning system takes the air from the room, cools it and then throws it back to the room. The hot air is released by the venting through the exhaust present in the portable AC.

These are commonly used air conditioning system apart from its larger AC system is also available for a large amount of requirement or consumptions.