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The Importance of Choosing the Right Windows


Home renovations are tiring and complex tasks. There are so many characteristics that need to be carefully considered. Not knowing where to start and what to prioritise may confuse us and make us reconsider many ideas. The picture darkens when it comes to repairing the roof, reinstalling windows or changing floors. Bad decisions lead to wrong actions, and we have to renovate again.

A renovation that includes your windows is a lifetime investment. In this article, you will learn why certain decisions are important when choosing your new windows.

Why the location is key

If you are asking yourself if the placement of your windows does matter, well, it does. The location of your windows plays a huge role in energy efficiency, function and mood. A window not only creates a connection to the outside but also affects the temperature in our home, its brightness, and its appearance.

A north-facing window will not be able to collect natural light and heat the same way a south-facing does. The room with such windows will be cooler and darker, while the other will thrive the whole year on sunlight and warmth.

East-facing windows collect sunlight during the mornings, while west-facing during the afternoons. The first collects more light, and the second more heat. However, you need to know that the afternoon sun is exceptionally bright, so the room with such windows needs additional protection against UV lights.


The importance of window’s purpose

Apart from the window’s location, its purpose is of great significance. You can guess a window’s purpose by the room you are installing it in. How a window would be helpful to you will lead to what types of frames and glass you should be looking for.

For example, if you are changing the windows in your kitchen, you’d be looking for one that will be at easy reach, with a practical mechanism, that will help you with ventilation. If you are installing a window near your front door, it will be a decorative accent that needs to give you both privacy and security.

A window is also playing the role of an excellent insulator. Depending on the climate you live in, you’ll have to choose between keeping the heat inside and doing the opposite. That way, you can enjoy the comfort of your home by choosing the right window.

How the window style plays a huge role

The style of windows you choose will affect not only the appearance of your home but also its value. If you are changing just one window in your house, you need to install the same or the closest one to the others. If you are installing all of your windows, consider the style of your home and the neighbourhood.

Keep in mind that in some parts, you will need to follow strict rules about the appearance of your house, especially if you live in a conservation area.

Why window frames are a priority

Window frames are like the backbone of your windows. They support the whole system and keep the glass in place. The material and mechanisms a window frame is made of are of great significance. These will affect how your windows look from both sides and the benefits for you and your home.

Of course, your windows need to match your interior and exterior. The most popular window frames are made of vinyl, wood, fibreglass and aluminium.

Vinyl frames are currently one of the most affordable options for a window frame. These are highly durable, maintenance-free and energy efficient. Being made of UV-resistant PVC makes them resistant to moisture and are not susceptible to corrosion. However, temperature changes affect those frames, and they often need re-caulking due to the contestant contracting and expanding.

Almost all types of building styles love wood frames. The appearance of such windows gives a warm and inviting look. However, classics only sometimes mean effective. Wood frames require a lot of maintenance. You need to provide them with a new coat of paint every now, and they are prone to cracking. This affects the energy efficiency properties of the window.

Fibreglass frames offer better thermal efficiency properties than those already mentioned. This is a strong material that can mimic the appearance and feel of a wooden frame. Fibreglass frames are suitable for areas with drastically changing temperatures and will not swell or rot. However, while requiring almost no maintenance, such frames come in a limited variety of features and sizes and are pretty expensive.

Aluminium frames are, unfortunately, poor insulators. Their ability to conduct heat and vulnerability to corrosion makes them such. However, they are incredibly affordable, durable, good looking and almost maintenance-free.


How important is the type of glass

The type of window glass will benefit the comfort of your home. Depending on the requirements for each room, you need to choose a different kind of glass. A window glass type can have energy efficient, safety, security and noise reduction properties. The most popular glass types with such are Low-E, Low-iron, Obscure, Safety and Laminated.

Low-E types of glass are energy-efficient ones.  They are made to keep the heat inside and reduce its transfer to the outside. These are used in conjunction with low-iron glass to create the perfect energy-efficient window.

Low-iron glass are the perfect combination with Low-E glass because they are created to allow more natural light and heat to come into your home. Because of these properties, they look much more apparent to the eye than others.

Obscure glass types are the perfect ones if you are looking for privacy. These types of glass have a patterned (textured) or frosted (acid-etched) appearance allowing natural light while stopping any kind of visibility. Such window glass suits your bathroom windows or those near your front door.

Safety glass is a type of glass that has changed and been made tougher during the process of creating its breaking pattern. When such glass breaks, it falls into small pieces and is less dangerous than standard glass types.

Laminated glass is the meaning of protection. This type of glass can reduce the UV lights by 99%, protecting you and your home from them. They are also much more challenging to break, which makes them suitable for security.

Why is window maintenance significant

A window’s job is to protect you and your home from the elements outside. Without proper maintenance, after some time, the wear and tear will leave a scar on them. This will reduce their energy efficiency, lifespan and appearance.

Regular maintenance is essential to the window’s health. A good one starts with proper cleaning. Avoiding dust and dirt building up on your windows will benefit its appeal and functionality. Moreover, during every clean, you can check for any damages that might have appeared.

To ensure that your windows are provided with the best maintenance possible, you can consider a visit by a professional window cleaner. That way, you will learn the best way to look after your window frames and glass and how to avoid dust and stains for extended periods. As well as what are the most suitable methods and cleaning solutions for you.

How to compare price and warranty

Choosing windows for your home is a significant investment. You have to know that your money is worth it. Compare prices and options to make an informative decision. Different companies provide different prices for various products.

That includes the warranty too. Just as their prices are different, so do their terms and conditions. Pay attention to all details, so you know that the warranty covers various accidents, damages and periods.


Making a choice that will affect the quality of your life is always challenging. However, it is vital to make an informed decision and try to make it worth it. Living in a home we enjoy will benefit our health, mood and lifespan.