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Massage Table Warmers For Home & Office – Best To Keep You Warm And Comfortable

Massage Table

When it comes to choosing a massage table warmer, there are a plethora of choices available on the market. Table warmers are available in all multiple colors, fabrics and thicknesses. They can be simply padded blankets made from warm fabric, or they can be blankets or pads with electronic mechanisms, very much the same as an electric blanket. An individual can program it as per their requirement (Including the setting of time, temperature and duration of the heat.)

It can be tough to choose when there are so many choices, but if you stick to a few simple guidelines, you’ll have no trouble in choosing a massage table warmer. Here we discussed some things that you should consider while choosing a table warmer.

Massage Table

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Needed Heat Quantity

Heated massages are a luxury that will make your clients happy, but not all clients will want that extra warmth. If the office that you work out of is chilly, or if the temperature tends to get cold where you live, it can be nice to have a heated table for your clients. In that case, a sheepskin pad, fleece blanket, or other warm and thick fabric can prove useful to provide the needed warmth. However, if you want to provide a cozy atmosphere as part of the massage therapy to make the massage more effective or apply heat for medical purposes, then choosing a massage table warmer with an electronic timer and different heat settings would be a better option.

How Much Can You Afford?

Massage table warmers are available in all price ranges, from super inexpensive to super costly. If you only have one table, you can probably afford to spend more on a warming blanket or pad. Still, if you have several tables or own a massage therapy studio, you probably can’t afford to install expensive electronic warmers on every massage table or chair. Take stock of your finances and see how much you can really afford before you shop for a new massage table warmer.

A Good Relaxing Option After A Long-Tired Day

Undeniably, we all are indulged in 9 to 5 jobs that require continuous long-sitting hours.

Am I right???

As a result, our physical activities are restricted, and our body becomes stiff, which leads to aches and pains. To cope with such a situation, these massage table warmers prove useful. It is the best massager which enables you to get adequate heat to relax your muscles after a long hectic day.

You just have to lay on the table and set the temperature as per your preferences, and that’s it….

There is no need to call someone to provide a massage as you are your own massage therapist…

Isn’t It Amazing???

Cleaning A Massage Table Warmer

Well, after using anything we have to clean it as cleanliness is essential for everyone whether it is a human being or any other thing. The same thing is applicable to massage table warmers.

Believe me, cleaning a massage table warmer is not a cumbersome job. It’s a piece of cake for everyone as you do not require any special equipment for cleaning.

Yes, you read it right!!!

Continue to read the post to know the simple cleaning process…

  • Clean By Hands

Usually, massage table warmers do not require cleaning after multiple uses because they are covered with a table sheet on top. However, with time, they do get dirty and smelly. An electrical unit can’t be washed in a machine, so you’ll have to clean the warming pad by hand. Other units claim that they are machine washable, but the digital controller and the plug must be detached first.

  • Unplug

It’s alright to have a wet fabric as long as the unit is turned off and disconnected from the power plug. Still, it is advisable to be careful not to introduce water into the digital controller. You only have to clean it by spraying some water with detergent on the warming pad. But don’t forget to dry the pad completely before reusing.

  • Dry

When drying the table warmer, ensure that the digital controller is not exposed to extreme heat. Some units have a detachable controller, while others that cannot be detached simply allow the fabric to dry naturally with the wind and moderate sunlight.

I hope you find this post interesting, and to know more about these massage table warmers, stay tuned!