If you have ever taken your kids to an escape room, you probably have noticed how an immersive environment that matches up to their vivid imagination powers tends to bring out their creative and thoughtful side. A room that is full of subtle sensory stimulants not only keeps your child engaged with their immediate environment but also regulates their mood. This is because children learn from interactive environments and develop object permanence slowly.  

So, let’s take a look at 15 cool kid’s bedroom ideas that will keep your little champ happy and create a suitable living space of their individual taste:  

  • Sectioning is key

According to celebrity interior designer Heidi Callier, a sectioned-off room is a great idea for calm and more organized kids. Keeping the walls soft colored along with matching pastel curtains will reflect the calm nature of your child and make them feel at home. With the sectioning of beds with a top bunk, you can create more space to play in the room.  

  • A timeless statement

This concept was coined by Arent and Pyke. They suggest keeping an object which signifies your kid’s personality is a part of their room that grabs most of their attention. You can further accentuate it by placing an eye-catching rug or even a pastel linen bedding against light-painted walls.  

  • Wild imaginations 

Amy Berry designed a room with a wall full of alien doodles for a 7 years old boy who would love to see aliens invading his room one day. She suggests parents take the lead from their kid’s limitless imaginations and create a room that will be as unique as their kids. This encourages their mind and keeps their imagination engaged.  

  • A fairy tale backdrop   

If your child is a fan of fairytales, take a cue from their particular interest to decorate their room. The interior should have a versatile yet distinct color story based around blush pinks and a warm touch of burgundy. A fluffy mattress with a thick mink blanket will gracefully make the look complete.  

  • Make it a playroom

A Taiwan-based designer Hao created a kid’s room with rounded lines and muted tones incorporated, converting it into a mini amusement park. He utilized the room’s vertical space to create a second level and build it into a playhouse with slides and ladders. You can take inspiration from this idea and create something similar for your kid if they are the active and energetic kind.  

  • A sunny-side-up   

This room feels like a warm hug. The textured yellow wallpaper covers the entire space, and the architectural quirks with some warm fabric give it a cozy feeling.  

  • Family Memories to cherish 

A favorite travel memory can be used as a theme for the entire room. A trip to Hawaii, Greece, or even a desert safari can inspire you to create a cool room.  

  • Balance tradition and fun 

Inspired by the design of Bailey McCarthy, you can curate a unique room that reflects old-school charms with a touch of mischief. This look can be achieved by using primary colors, hand-painted details, and statement chandeliers.  

  • Multi-Purpose rooms

If you can afford to spare some more floor space, you could curate a room that has everything your child may need- from a study table to a comfy recliner and a sitting area along with a window. You could use space-saving technologies like a hydraulic bed and multi-purpose furniture with built-in storage even for smaller rooms.  

  • Playful Prints  

Barry Dixon designed this boy’s bedroom, which has various calming blue tones inspired by Greece. More detailed prints from other countries can also be used to achieve this simple and minimalistic look. 

  • World map   

This idea was given by decorator Grant Gibson. He designed a full wall of world maps for a kid who loves geography and traveling. 

  • Whimsical wallpapers

Designer Amy john created this look by using wallpapers of different textures and colors for an art-loving child. The quirky color scheme will add a lot of character to the room, matching your child’s personality. 

  • Zoo trip 

Designer Meghan john put together this décor idea for her nephew, who loves animals. Animal printed wallpapers or textured wallpapers with cute animal stuff toys placed in the corner will be the perfect room décor for an animal-loving kid. 

  • Feminine without making it too pink

Floral-themed walls make a room look quite feminine. Adding metallic rose gold details and a floral bedspread will make it chic. This particular room idea was developed by Emily Henderson for girls who are not much into pinks. 

  • Perfect neutral 

This is a perfect choice, and if a kid is too young to choose their favorite color scheme or they are still confused, neutrals are a way to go. You can always redo it when they are sure of a theme or a particular color pallet later.  

Each kid has their own unique personality, and their room is a mirror of who they are. A kid’s choices and interests are subjected to change rapidly, but you still need to create a place where they can explore themselves. One of the best options while decorating your kid’s room would be to incorporate portable or removable objects into the décor so that when their taste outgrows their room design, it can be changed without much hassle.