Famous Granny Flat Designs – Tips To Choose The Best One

granny flat designs

Who doesn’t love their house? People are always on the lookout for options that amps up its value and lifts the aesthetics. If you are also looking forward to adding value to your space, you can consider granny flat construction.

The concept of granny flats has picked up pace in recent times. Initially, this flat system was introduced to accommodate relatives and guests, but now these are also used to give a new dimension to the entire architecture.

Housing space is also an important thing that you have to consider based on the number of members in your family. Sometimes there are problems wherein you need more space in your house to accommodate more guests or family members (usually grandparents). In such cases, a secondary home would make a good choice which you can use based on your necessity.

Nowadays, you can find places like a cottage, guesthouses, or carriage houses that are considered secondary homes. Granny flats, also known as in-law apartments or backyard houses, are an extra space that would make the best choice for your grandparent’s accommodation. There are numerous granny flat designs, from which you can choose the best one based on your choice and available place. Here is some information that can help you know more about granny flats and their designs.

granny flat designs

Granny Flat

A Granny flat is a small apartment or a backyard house usually built to get extra space in your property. It is a small house with a square foot area of around 1,400 sf and one or two bedrooms. Some people also consider building such houses as basements.

You can use it to provide accommodation for older people in your family, housing guests, or other relatives. Such a house would make a perfect choice for them, as it is near you. Usually, you can find traditional and contemporary granny flat designs from which you can choose the best one based on your choice.

Types Of Granny Flat Designs

  • Traditional Granny Flat Style

As the name suggests, the traditional style is a granny flat with an old design – a vernacular style. It would look like an old home built with the latest ideas.

  • Modern Granny Flat Style

It is a granny flat design wherein the house is made up of clean lines and shapes. The house will be designed with modern shapes and styles with new facilities.

  • Contemporary Granny Flat Style

The contemporary style consists of a bright, airy house with a unique structure.

  • Seaside Retreat

Give a holiday home appeal to your place. These come with a gable roof and slat styles walls. You can accentuate it further by adding an alfresco desk.

Popular Granny Flat Designs

While building a granny flat, you must choose the best design that suits your needs.

  • Manor 31

Manor 31 is a granny flat style with around 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, and laundry space.

  • Clubhouse Design

It is an L-shaped house layout with a double skillion roof – a modern design.

  • Seaspray Style

Sea Spray style is a simple, sturdy kit home design with just one bathroom and bedroom.

  • Silverdale Flat

It is a granny flat design with an excellent double skillion roof with around two bedrooms, highlighted windows, and a raked ceiling.

  • Abbotsbury Granny Flat Design

Abbotsbury is a unique style with two bedrooms, an open area, a covered front, etc.

  • Mod House

Mod house is modern, with many airspaces suitable for rural and beachside locations.

  • Cottage Style

The cottage style is a typical house design that uses all the space in the house.

  • Raised Retreat

As the name suggests, the Raised retreat is a house raised from the ground. Such houses are a good choice in hilly regions.

Tips For Choosing The Best Granny Flat Design For Your Requirement

  • Space Requirements – Storage

You must remember that granny flats are usually small and are built accordingly to the space available (in your backyard). So, you must consider both the available land and the storage. If you are looking for a more spacious place, choosing a suitable granny flat design would be better.

  • Natural Light And Airspace

You should ensure that the granny flat has a reasonable number of windows and airspace. Currently, you can find several designs for such houses, which offer more airspace and bring in sunlight.

  • Ceiling Height

Always choose the maximum available ceiling height for your granny flat to make the place look much more significant. Apart from that, it will also allow you to add some more amenities to the house.

  • Cost Of The Granny Flat

Always choose a granny flat design that is affordable but does not risk quality. Thus, choose a comfortable and affordable design.  The cost factor is proportional to the size, design, materials, and accessories that go into the construction.


House renting prices have risen significantly these days, and granny flats have become a standard option for everyone. It is one of the best options to extend the available space in your home so that you won’t have to worry about accommodating all your family members or relatives. Here you can find a list of famous granny flat designs and tips for choosing the best design.