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Build A Solid Foundation for Your Home with Concreting

Some people are quite excited to learn more about the prospect of building concrete homes. But, unfortunately, they are so excited that they fail to realize various ways to do the task. You have to take help of various contractors, check out their services, and compare their pros and cons before coming to a final decision. For making this project a successful one, you have to first check on the system, which will fit to work with the construction well. So, the entire field of concreting, needs expert guidance and proper steps, just for you to consider around here. 

Looking for The Recent Statistics

Some recent statistics have currently indicated that in the downturn region as well, the market shares of a majority of concrete homes have hiked up at the expense of the construction frame. The total number of concreting homes has already passed 15% of new homes in some parts of the world. Furthermore, the recession over here has thrown things into quite disarray. But that does not stop concrete homes from growing. If you check out the recent calculation, you can clearly understand why people are more into learning about the statistics well. 

People are more attracted towards this notion for its disaster resistance, energy efficiency level, sound attenuation and indoor comfort. This works wonderfully in outperforming the standard version of the frame construction. 

Types of Concrete Foundations Available:

Now, you might have learned about the fact that concreting can be used to create the perfect foundation for your place. This is a common truth. But what you do not know is the type of concrete foundation that you can actually come across, as there are more than one options available right now. So, learning about the types and options can prove to be of great help. 

The condition of your crawl space greatly affects the overall health of your home. The most common problems that homeowners face with their crawl spaces are moisture issues and structural support issues.

#1. It all starts with the basement. The homes with such basement option start with an 8 feet deep hole with a concrete slab right at the end. The walls of this section are made out of cinder blocks and it takes three portions to complete this entire project. Right at first, the beams are poured. After that, it is time for the walls and finally, slab inside walls. That helps in keeping the basement waterproof. This addition of basement concreting foundation helps in adding square footage to home with extra storage space, as and when needed. 

#2. Beam and Pier are another kind of concrete foundation, which you might want to learn more about. This involves wooden posts or the concrete piers, which are deep into ground for bearing the building’s complete weight. This kind of foundation will not rest on the ground directly. And it will be elevated a little bit above with the utility units, used for electricity and pluming installation in such crawlspace.

There’s a reason helical piers (also known as helical piles or screw piles) are often the first choice when it comes to building foundations in new construction projects. They’re easy to install, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. They have a wide variety of applications and can be used to easily and quickly construct foundations for most residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Also the cost of using helical piers for new construction is not so expensive comparing other options.

#3. There are some homes, which come with a crawlspace foundation. These types of places are mostly elevated a bit off the ground and by around 2 feet. This foundation is made out of brick facing and cinder block. Such type of foundation is a favorable option in moist climates, where water has the tendency to accumulate. As the house is lifted off the grounds, so it is protected from the water, which might pile up sometimes. 

Always make it a point to consider an expert while dealing with the ideas and values of concreting. The foundation of a house is important, so make sure to let an expert help you in this regard. It is a perfect way to protection your needs and enjoy a perfect and strong foundation for your home.