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Tips to Update Your Complete Kitchen With a Few Simple DIY Details

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If you think that repairing your kitchen or getting complete kitchen renovated is a herculean task, think again! Surely, it is not going to be easy because there are changes that would be required from the floor to the ceiling. But then, a few touches here and there can actually help you to minimize the fuss and ensure that you are able to get the best of both the worlds. So here are a few ideas that can help you get there without spending a fortune.

# 1.  Check your cabinetry

One of the first step to complete kitchen renovations and refurbish would be to check the cabinetry. More than often this is the part of the kitchen that is roughly used and hinges are lose and the knobs on the doors are worn out. Along with this you will also notice that there are quite a bit of issues when it comes to the polish and there are marks all over the place. So what can you do in such cases?

  • First of all make sure that you check for these repairs. Get the little details fixed. If required, add a veneer to the same because it influences the look of the complete kitchen.
  • On another note, changing the color of the polish is one of the easiest way to give your kitchen a makeover. However, there are a few pointers that you must adhere to. Do not color or polish if the quality of the wood seems to be on the verge of spoilage. Also, choose a color that suits the kitchen ambience.
  • Something as easy as changing the knobs and the handles does the trick too!

# 2. The lights

A brightly lit kitchen can quickly perk up the look and also give you the feeling of changing the details with precision. A complete kitchen change can be achieved by getting rid of your older lights and going for something brighter and peppier. This could be your LED’s too because they help in giving your kitchen a new look while being energy efficient. Do remember to brighten up the hidden nooks and corners of the kitchen too. Dull and dim areas are usually the cause of making your kitchen seem outdated and quite boring.

# 3.  Repaint the walls

In addition to the above, you can also consider getting a repaint done. It is a big detail that will not really cost you a lot but in the long run it means that you are getting a complete kitchen refurbish without spending a lot. It could be getting one wall painted with a brighter and vibrant tinge or you can get the entire space re-done. Also, don’t forget the ceiling. If the earlier paint was in sync with the cabinetry, try something new this time like going for a contrast! Some of the other aspects or the little details that you can change around the area to give you a complete kitchen are –

 If you had a tinted window or something with a wall paper, get rid of the same. Doing so perks up the space and gives it a more vibrant feel. You can also de clutter and get rid of some of the existing furniture. Too much can make the area seem compact and rather claustrophobic.

These are a few little details that make a difference when it comes to the complete kitchen look. You should however not rule out of the functional aspect in this reference, else the work efficiency can be drastically reduced. All in all, this will give your kitchen a quick and peppy revamp.

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