What is scaffolding? It is a temporary structure placed on the exterior of a building. It is usually fashioned out of wooden planks and steel rods and used by laborers during the construction or repairing of a building. Scaffolding makes it convenient for the laborers to work and also enables them to reach otherwise unattainable heights. Besides constructions, scaffolding is also used for form-work, shoring, extra seating, concert stages, award shows, watch towers, exhibitions, ski ramps and sometimes even for art projects! Scaffolding must always be done maintaining safety standards as unsafe scaffolding can result in serious injury or even death. It is recommended to rent your scaffold from a reliable agency that will build a safe and sound scaffold where laborers can work safely, comfortably and efficiently. A safe scaffolding system will ensure that there are no accidents and the construction work go on smoothly and effectively.

Safety is the topmost priority when it comes to scaffolding, as established previously in this article. Whether you are building a skyscraper or just repairing the roof of your two-storied house, scaffolding is important for all kinds of construction jobs. Scaffolding provides you with a steady platform and adequate work-space. Scaffolding must be done expertly in order to avoid any accidents. The task of scaffolding is tricky and should not be carried out by amateurs, and these days you have the choice of scaffolding rentals, where you can use the scaffolding during the construction and return it after the work is completed. It is, naturally, a cheaper and more convenient option.



Different types of scaffolding

The different kinds of scaffolding rental options available in the market are

  1. Fixed Scaffolding- This type of scaffolding is usually an independent structure, which means that it does not need any support from the building that it is being attached to. It is usually the safest form of scaffolding and quite obviously, one of the most expensive too.
  2. Mobile Scaffolding- This form of scaffolding is also an independent structure. However, it is equipped with an extra feature. As its name suggests, mobile scaffolding is equipped with wheels to allow easy movement.
  3. Hanging Scaffolding- This form of scaffolding comes with a suspended platform, which can be lowered or raised at will. Hanging scaffolding is mainly used for washing and cleaning windows.

Factors that affect the cost of scaffolding rentals

  • The size and the height.
  • If scaffolding roof cover is required.
  • Access issues like blocking roads.
  • Your geographic location.
  • If it is required to bridge things.
  • Quality and quantity of materials.


Safety Tips for use of Scaffolding Rentals

There are numerous scaffold related accidents, so ensure you keep in mind these precautions:

  • Plan & Act- If you need a scaffolding rental for outdoor use, see if there are any obstructions like power lines and also uneven ground conditions.
  • Select Smartly- Scaffolding rentals are available in different types like tubular wielded frame or a drywall or a mast climber unit. While the height is adjustable in all, but you need to make your choice based on your needs and also rent an access ladder or tower with stairs for easy entry and exit.
  • Make sure you’ve all you need- Double check your list and ensure you have specialty locking pins, guardrails, mi rails, tie-in materials, cross braces and everything else you need from the local store before you start.
  • Avoid shortcuts- Always install safety braces and outriggers or extra legs to keep you supported in uneven slopes to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Choose the right person– Always opt for a competent person who knows how to handle and operate scaffolding rentals under a professional engineer.