Best Roofing Option – Try A Metal Fascia for Best Protection

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People nowadays have to consider a variety of roofing options due to the wide range available in the market. With different materials available in different colors and prices, the best material to use for the roof is often a very difficult question to answer even for experienced architects. The only way to choose is to look for the pros and cons in each type and select the one that is best suited for the climatic condition of the place and also based on the cost. When people look for variety in the roofing material, they forget to consider options in fascia and by default get a wooden or metal fascia.
Roof Repair

Roof Repair

What is a fascia board?

Fascia boards are the long strips of wood or metal that run along the lower ends of the roof. They protect the outer edge of the roof, so are located at the point where the roof meets the outer walls and covers the end of the roof. It also acts a finished edge that is connected to the end of the rafters and also the trusses. Most fascia are visible from the outside and are used to hold the gutter system in place. They also support the lower bottom end of the tiles on the roof’s edge. There are many types but wooden and metal fascia are commonly used.

What function does it perform?

A fascia is the end of the roof and prevents water and moisture from coming into the roof and spoiling it. Be it a wooden or a metal fascia, the total weight of the guttering is to be held by it. Being placed on the end trusses on the roof, the lower end of the tiles is supported by it. The use of proper fascia can add a lot of aesthetic value to the house or building. With a lot of variety both in material and designs, fascia boards that are suitable for the house’s design can be found easily in the market. Primarily made of wood, vinyl, composite or metal, fascia boards of varying strength and price are available in the market. With minimum maintenance on a sunny climate, fascia boards might require regular maintenance in areas facing heavy rains.

Majorly used Fascia Boards

Roof Repair

Roof Repair

#1. Wooden fascia – The most commonly used fascia board due to its low cost. Easy installation and better aesthetic value are also important reasons for people choosing wood over others. The average cost of a wood fascia is $2 per foot. Being a little water resistant, cedar is the best-used choice by most people. Although if damaged, wooden fascia needs to be changed or fixed immediately. Saving money in the installation by choosing wood is compensated by the increased maintenance costs.

#2. Metal or Aluminum Fascia – It is the next most widely used material after wooden fascia. Due to their better strength, metal fascia is a good choice where heavy rains are always expected. With the increase in the cost of each fascia board, the average price is $15 per foot. But to have a long life and low maintenance cost, the best choice is to pick aluminum. They can also be used to cover wooden fascia to prevent their damage. The disadvantages of using metal fascia are that it is very expensive and is prone to dents and scratches. The use of thinner aluminum sheets to decrease the cost a little is to be avoided.

Although vinyl and composite boards are increasingly used nowadays, wood and aluminum are still the most widely used fascia materials. The advantages of Aluminum fascia boards outweigh others and the only thing to be considered is the cost of installing one.