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Why Do You Need Smoke Control Maintenance?

A smoke control maintenance system is also referred to as Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation System. If properly installed smoke control system can prevent fire to spread everywhere and it will be helpful for fire fighter and escape routes will also be protected after install smoking control mechanism. Nowadays homeowners are installing this system to prevent small fire to become into a huge one. These are very important for some of the buildings like tower blocks, car parking areas, factories, hotels, shopping malls, and some very large industrial buildings. These buildings are often prone to fire and thus smoke control maintenance at such places is very important. There are many reasons and benefits why such situations should be kept under check. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Proper smoke control maintenance will surely secure the building from the damages which are caused by smoke and also would make it less prone to fire.
  • It also curbs the spread of fire.
  • It also makes the task of the firefighters easy at the time of massive fire outbreak.
  • It also helps in the safe evacuation of the occupants buy diverting the path of the poisonous smoke.

Improper maintenance or a ventilation system can cause a troublesome situation in the building. It can choke a person to death or can even cause a huge fire in the building.

How Do Smoke Control Maintenance Systems Work?

A smoke control maintenance system functions when a fire breaks out in the building. It helps to slow down the movement of the smoke in the building. These are generally designed in such a way so that the firefighters can easily enter the building and can extinguish the fire. These systems should be checked properly before the installation process. Their smooth functioning is very important.

Several kinds of smoke control maintenance systems have come in the market. The most common is the ‘smoke shaft’ system. The ventilators of this system are designed in such a way that the ventilators open up automatically when it senses smoke and swiftly let the passage of the smoke from the building. Not only this, but the ventilators also try to draw fresh air from its outdoors. The fans which are installed automatically start at the highest speed. This provides extra protection to the firefighters at the time of the fire.

The maintenance and check of the smoke control maintenance systems are very important as its improper installation at the time of fire can cause a major trouble and take millions of lives away. This is the reason why nowadays purpose designed automatic ventilation systems are used. There are many regulatory bodies which ensure the safe and smooth working of such systems. Regular maintenance of such systems is thus very essential. This will help to find the defects of the machines if any and repair it beforehand.


Smoke control systems need certain designs to be installed. They cannot be installed anywhere in the building. It needs a minimum height of 25 meters for its best functioning. There are some places where the installation of such systems is mandatory especially in the large and isolated buildings. The presence of stairs can also be an add-on benefit for this purpose. Stairs limit the spread of smoke.

There are various kinds of smoke control like; shutdown system which hinders the spread of the fire from the source, zone pressurized system uses pressure differentiation to slow down its movement. Some of the other types of maintenance systems are air purge system, hot layer smoke control, etc.

A good knowledge of smoke control maintenance is very important. These are generally very expensive and challenging to install and thus many buildings and industries often neglect its installation. Thus, these should be used only at such places where no other alternative is available. Also, the installation of such systems needs certain types of architectural designs. They cannot be installed in every kind of building.