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7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look More Modern

Are you looking for an update to your bedroom space? Sometimes just freshening up a couple of things can make a big difference and make your space look much more modern.

Rearrange Your Furniture

One simple change is just rearranging your furniture! Maybe there is a piece blocking part of the window that if you rearranged, you could receive much more natural light. Switching things up makes your bedroom feel like a brand-new space. Another thing that helps is keeping your space picked up and cleaned regularly.

Change the Lighting

Upgrade your lighting. You could try a hanging light fixture with a cool metallic color. Or you could simply switch out lampshades in cool colors to put on lamps you already have to make it feel different.

Not only that, but allow the windows to bring as much natural light as possible. Bringing in some nice curtains can make it easy to keep the blinds open bringing light in during the day, and then all you have to do is close your curtains at night.

Upgrade Your Bedding

One of the best (and easiest) things you can do to make a difference in your bedroom is to upgrade your bedding. You spend at least one-third of your life sleeping, so why not make it comfortable and beautiful?

Buy a high-quality modern duvet cover that will last after being washed and will maintain its color and shape. Add statement throw pillows in different styles that add color, texture, and dimension to your bed. Don’t forget a throw blanket to add the finishing touch.

Find Statement Pieces

A big, stunning piece of art can bring character to a room. It can also bring the whole room together. Rather than focusing on a bunch of decoration items, you could bring in that piece that really speaks to you, and that will make your place modern and interesting. You can apply that to your dresser, nightstand, and other bedroom furniture. Maybe that statement piece is a striking night table or a dresser with some detailed adornments.

Use Geometric Shapes

When you think of modern art and spaces that feel modern, you think geometric shapes. Bring those into your space as well. You could get a nice end table that adds that geometric flair. Or hang some hexagonal shelves on the wall to set your plants or one or two sleek and simple pieces to the shelf.

Switch the Color Scheme

Painting the space will bring a big change, but you can also change the color scheme by just switching out the colors your eye is drawn to in the room. Change the color of your bedding or what you place on the shelves. The curtains, dresser, lampshades can also be changed to switch from something drab to something fab.

Bring in Greenery

Plants make a room feel much fresher and lighter. It adds natural color to a space that also provides some new breath to a room. Make sure to pick the right plant that will thrive in your bedroom or, if you don’t have a green thumb, you can get a fake plant that will thrive no matter what you do!

Making your bedroom look more modern doesn’t necessarily have to demand hundreds of dollars from your wallet. If you focus that money on simple changes, you can make a big difference and spend your relaxing sleep time in a beautiful, modern space you will love!