Bring Serenity to Your Small Garden with Well-designed Fountains

Do you want to add an old world charm to your garden? Then how about decorating your outdoor space with wall fountain? Fountains are an integral part of garden ornaments that add a charm and character to your garden. Do you imagine waking up in the morning hearing the soft tinkling sound of water rushing out from the fountain or spending a lazy evening in your garden amidst nature and the rhapsodic sound of the fountain?  They are a great means to relax your mind, soul, and body. If you planning to add a nostalgic charm to your garden, how about installing a wall fountain? Read further to know about the things to consider before purchasing a wall fountain.
1. Height of the wall fountain
While purchasing fountains Melbourne, make sure to consider its height. Vertical fountains with standard height are best for small gardens as it beautifies the space without looking out of the place. Tall fountains are suitable for big gardens as they fit in beautifully with the large outdoor space.
2. Dimension of the fountain
Check the dimension of the fountain before purchasing it and take the measurement of the area where you intend to install it.  For assessing the dimension you can place guidelines or stand a cardboard of the same dimension and watch it from a distance to get an idea of how the wall fountain will look in that particular place. Do not opt for a huge fountain that will overpower and obstruct the view and ruin the beauty of your garden.  
3. Diameter of the fountain
I am sure you would not want your wall fountain to take up a pretty amount of space in your small garden. So, calculate the diameter of the fountain you intend to buy and then ensure that it fits in a particular position you decided for. It is quite helpful if you could place something of the same size and get an idea of how it will look.
4. Water source of the fountain
Another important thing to consider while buying a wall fountain is the water source of the fountain. Recirculated water is used for wall fountains and it is the water pumps that help to circulate water through the fountains. Most homes or offices use water pumps of these types for their wall fountains installed in the garden or in the office area. Water reservoirs and the fountains can be placed in a suitable area where electric source is available. So, always check the fountain and the availability of water reservoirs to prevent pump damage.
5. Material of the fountain
Wall fountains are available in a variety of materials. Sandstone finish over fibreglass is a popular choice as they are light weight providing a vintage finish, bringing functionality and art together. Wall fountains made of cast stone is also a great choice. They are very attractive offering grandeur and classic look to your outdoor garden.   

Outdoor wall fountains are ideal for decorating gazebos and decks, stone walls and solid fences and other flat surfaces that are monotonous and drab and require some decoration. They are a perfect choice because fountains add a touch of serenity and calmness to the entire ambience. Water is naturally calming and adds simplicity to a busy yard. Wall fountains also add drama and stark beauty when they stand out well in a garden or yard embellished with other garden ornaments like statues, planter boxes Melbourne etc.
Here is a little piece of advice. If you really want to explore the utility of wall fountains, start with considering the various ways to place the fountain. Each fountain has its particular quality and  “best fit” that makes it look best. So, try to explore ways to make the most of your wall fountain. Get in touch with you local garden store or online shops selling fountains and garden ornaments to get the best fountain for your yard or garden.

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