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Understand the Concept of Salto Access Control

Salto Access Control Systems

One term often heard among the electronic access system is salto access control. This has come across as a leader when it comes to the latest and innovative access control systems for security. This is in context of electronic-based systems always. The salto access control systems are presently being used widely across public authority buildings, areas, airports, institute as well as hotels. While the salto access control systems sound costly and were steeply priced before few years, latest ranges such as CLAP lock solutions has made it affordable for the medium and small scale enterprise-backed businesses. Read on to understand more about salto access control systems and its varied types.

Salto Access Control Systems

Salto Access Control Systems

Understanding Salto Systems up Close

When it comes to the point of working with salto access control systems, the best feature is that this enables users to go ahead and initiate a lockdown. Wherever there is a probable or impending breach or security problem, lockdown of a property remotely or even locally is one of the safest solutions.

  • Emergency such as premise lockdown becomes possible with salto access control systems at a place. Remote lockdowns use wireless locks while local lockdowns employ AMOK escutcheons.
  • With Salto access control systems in place, you can easily segregate the restricted places and public places on your access plan area. You can time access, limit access, employ particular or personalized access. Salto access control systems help you to do this with entire buildings transit areas to even go small scale with a floor merely. Space access optimization becomes possible with salto access control systems. From best use of spaces such as parking, public buildings and residential buildings, salto control access makes best utilization of spaces while upping the security game. Moreover, specific installations can have individual programming too.
  • Quick alterations of access plans across various points in a space become possible with salto access control systems. There is a wide range of products and solutions that you will get. This makes the setup ideal for all types of doors. This also includes doors that are of traditional in appearance. Even for high traffic area doors, heavy duty locking systems can be incorporated into the salto access control layout.
  • Going for the wireless module of salto access control systems then you need to know that this can be independently used or even used complementarily with the virtual network from salto. This can also be attuned with IP solutions that are hardwired.

Clay Locking Solution

From the house of Salto comes Clay that is a very secure cloud pronged wireless solution for locking. It is ideal for medium and small-scale setups that are enterprise backed. The affordability card is the prime feature of this locking solution from the salto access control range.

Electronic Locking Systems

The XS4 variants enable users to manage and control a wide range of applications. Innovation at its peak, is what best describes the electronic locks from salto. The handles need no wiring.

Electronic Cylinder Variant

This variant is integrated into the XS4 platform and the compact size and versatility makes this pick an ideal one for most door sets where traditional handle sets do not set in.

Locker Lock Variant

This is another type that is popular among the salto access control ranges. These locker locks are made to order the most case and cabinet types. High on security provision, the salto locker locks are finding usable across a wide section of storage places.

Investing in salto access control system helps you to protect and safeguard all your assets and resources at your residential or commercial area.