Understanding Unique Designs and Styles of Parquet Flooring

Parquet floorings is the ancient flooring pattern, which was conventionally installed in Chateaux’s in 16th century. Parquet is very popular and now it is making recovery in the current flooring market. One of the reasons that parquet floorings is recently becoming popular is its variety of designs and patterns that you can create based on the style you require. These planks come up with fixed length and width. However, it is difficult to create specific design that you desire to customize. This is the best, stylish, and elegant floor option, as no other flooring design can merge with artistic designs. 

Parquet Flooring

Generally, parquet is installed on large areas like living room, dining room, and large bedrooms. If you are thinking about installation of different types of styles and designs of parquet flooring, then you have to know about those designs. Because, whatever the design or style that you choose is important to match with your interior decoration. Otherwise, you will not be able to get perfect flooring that you desire. 

Variety of designs and styles of parquet flooring for home 

When you want to get parquet flooring installed, it’s important to choose good pattern to get perfect look on your floor space. Nowadays, many companies offer parquet floor materials with various designs. Therefore, it is very important to consider different designs and styles of parquet flooring to get installation at your ideal home. Here are some ideas that will help you to choose better flooring design: 

  • Herringbone parquet flooring: This is one among the most popular options of parquet flooring style to add immense sophistication to your room. These designs are named as fish style, because they are made in a way that the patterns are structured, as that of a fish spine. The herringbone planks for the floorings come in a rectangle shape and you can lay every block at a ninety-degree angle to make a broken zigzag effect. This will give a special ambiance to your room and attract your friends and guests.
  • Regular herringbone: You can also make use of design and pattern of double herringbone to your flooring space to increase the durability. This will create the similar pattern, but the boards are doubled up that help generate thicker and unique design. Some regular herringbone parquet floors can create small room’s space to appear large when you install it perfectly. It is suggested to use diagonal design when you want to make your small room appear bigger. 

  • Basket weave pattern: This can be installed parallel or diagonally to the wall part or your flooring based on your desired design of the room. Many basket weave patterns are installed in one color of wood, but if you are searching for something more vibrant then incorporate different color wood to get a unique look. There are many variation patterns available in basket weave design that enables you to choose good design to match your interior.
  • Brick pattern: These are moderately self-explanatory planks that are installed to the flooring to get replicate traditional brickwork look. Many people say that this pattern can be very simple and extremely boring. However, feature strips of this pattern are used to make outline and to give border to the entire room that enables the users to get the desired look. The brick patterns normally do not incorporate different shades, but these unique planks will beautifully offer your floor a dazzling appearance. The pattern can be integrated using herringbone planks to have extra appearance to your floor. The traditional outfit of this design is extremely matched with the traditional interior decoration and gives combined look to your entire space.

Thus, these are some unique design and style of parquet flooring.