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All You Need To Know About A Battery Lawn Mower For Garden

Battery Lawn Mower

Do you love maintaining a good garden? Well, who doesn’t? Mowers have come as a handy tool for most of the gardens to keep their garden well-maintained. Purchasing a quality mower is in the mind of every garden. There are different types of mowers available in the market:

Battery Lawn Mower

  • Manual Mower
  • Ride-on Mowers
  • Battery operated mowers
  • Automatic mowers and others.

Battery mowers have come as a handy tool for the gardeners to maintain the garden without entangling themselves in the long wire. They are easy to operate, comprehensive, portable and not to forget, powerful enough to get the job done.

The summers get the grass to grow more than any other time of the season. So, it becomes important to take care of it. Well, you would definitely not want to get into the field and start plucking it all out and wasting the entire day. What if while using the mower the power goes off, then even the self-propelled mower will be of no use? The best way out is to use the battery lawn mower. Charge them and use for the desired period of time. However, an important point to consider here is that there are different variants of battery mowers available in the market. So, if you have to choose one, then it has to be the best one and must have enough power to be able to do the task.

Although most of us believe that the battery mowers are good for small lawn and areas, some variants work well even for the larger acreages.

What Makes The Best Battery Lawn Mower?

Many factors work together to create a quality mower. You must consider the following factors while investing in the mowers operated by battery.

I would like to mention an important fact here that a powerful mower of 40 volts will help in pruning 400 sq meters of grass once it is completely charged for 60 minutes.

Battery Lawn Mower

Battery Lawn Mower

  1. Charging time– So, this brings us to the first parameter of choosing a battery lawn mower, how much time does it consume in charging and how long can it work once it is completely charged. Ask the seller about the same.
  2. Type of battery- Well, if you have decided to invest in battery operated mowers, then you must check the kind of battery it has. Avoid the mowers having lead-acid batteries, though, they are cheaper but don’t offer the kind of performance you are looking for. On the other hand, having a lithium-ion battery in the mower is more efficient. They have lesser charge cycles. If I have to compare, then a lithium ion battery will take 1-2 hours to charge, whereas the lead-acid battery operated mower will take 16-20 hours to charge. So, you have your answer.
  3. Mulching– Almost all the cordless mowers are mulching mowers. They are designed to cut the lawn frequently by removing small proton of the length of the grass and leaving tiny clippings on the soil. This helps in retaining the nutrient value of the soil; at the same time, it also helps in making the moisture level in the soil, thus making the land remain greener even on summer days.
  4. Noise level- This is yet another factor that you must take into consideration while purchasing a cordless mower. A typical cordless mower will emit 58 decibels when in use whereas the single blade answer will emit 72 decibels of sound. In any case, the robot or cordless mower will emit lesser sound thus, making its usage a quiet affair.

Conclusion- The crux of the matter is that using the battery lawn mower is a profitable affair. If you have a small lawn, then investing in a battery-operated mower can be a good choice